The Victims of Financial Seduction – Poor Who Dream of Becoming Millionaires

The poor have always felt envy towards the rich. But not always they were dreaming of becoming as rich as the rich are. Of course, the poor identified with wealth, the power and glamour of the rich (imagined themselves to be like rich), but this admiring identification was goal in itself – it wasn’t connected with real life, it was pure image, a kind of “metaphysical” indulgence. Today, on the other hand, poor’s identification with the rich has an existential aspect – the desire to be like them in real life. Many people are ready to see in this historical change sign of progress – life in democratic societies makes poor more hopeful and optimistic about their chances to grow in social status. While during the 60s-70s chances of the poor, indeed, looked more realistic, the recent changes in American life (invented protracted wars, financial collapses, conservative attacks on labor, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, the Unions and education, and the changing role of money in political process from a marginal to a proudly central one) have undermined poor people’s hope and optimism (hopetimism) with unexpected radicality.

Transformation of the poor into poorple (simultaneous with the transformation of the wealthy into wealthyple) is a result of this particular situation. The stronger contrast between the poor and rich makes the poor lose their self-respect and the rich gain extra-pride for being as they are. Mutation of the poor into poorple is created by the historical contrast between the poor’s hope (created by the democracy) to become richer and following post-democratic impossibility to realize this hope because of morbid globalist adventures of the wealthyple. The poorple are the post-democratic poor, like weathyple are the post-democratic wealthy – the poorple are the frustrated poor like wealthyple are artificially self-aggrandized wealthy. Poorple are the poor who have found themselves in a post-democratic (anti-democratic) socio-political universe while the wealthyple are the wealthy reassured by the very defeat of democracy.

The defeat of democracy is connected not with attacks by “anti-democratic” forces (all these Saddams and Osamas of the world) but with the very dream of the poor to become wealthy, the wealthyzation of the poor’s soul. When poor started to dream about really becoming wealthy the very heart of democracy (the prevalence of the importance of human beings over their financial attributes) was lost. And then it becomes a matter of technicality how to finish the destruction of what was already without a nucleus.

It is democracy what made the rich to become so feverish in their desperate attempts to solidify their privileges. And the same democracy made the poor to desire to become rich (and simultaneously to develop frustration that it is almost impossible). Poorple are the poor who not only try to become rich but who feel themselves nobody without big money at their disposal. Symmetrically, wealthyple are the wealthy who are not only rich but are obsessed with being so and who don’t want to be “equal” to the poor (and then try so hard to become super-wealthyple).

This absolutely unsustainable situation when both groups, poor and rich, are maniacally trying to supersede themselves (poor to become rich, and rich – super-rich) is a result of a morbid – delirious (but understandable if to take into consideration the pitiable level of humanistic education among the poor as much as the rich) fixation of many mass-Americans on the desire to super-protect themselves against the dangers of the world (and of living in general). They take democratic ideas (like freedom, equality and opportunity) as their “human right” to be free from limitations that life can put in front of their pagan dreams of consumption and possession as the ultimate goal of human life. They misinterpret democracy as a tool for conquering the world and history.

Trivial people (with superficial humanistic education) are psychologically unable to use democracy productively, healthily, normally and morally. Rich invade other countries using poor’s money and their uniformed bodies while poor enjoy the feeling of being stronger than other nations and of consuming greasy food and inflated images. The both forget that democracy is a collective dream about a common prosperity and pluralism of unique personalities with positive interest in each other.

So, the grand seducer is not democracy or technological innovations but people’s primitive human nature (not touched by disinterested knowledge and thinking) and their psychological complexes (activated by their childhood traumas) pushing them into compulsive actions to get, to take, to possess, to use, to control – instead of being dedicated to human life.