Soon after the war the American youth with democratic sensibility (AYDS) started to “divorce” the elder generations (with its authority over the socio-economic life, over weapons and money at the disposal of the country and over American way of life). Young Americans with democratic sensibility (YADS) became disappointed with wars, financial inequality and conservative strictness which authorities – wealthy magnates, governmental officials and heads of families were matter-of-factly imposing on the population. YADS were tired to follow, to appeal, to need consultations, to ask questions – to ask for permissions and to adapt. They wanted to create their own life, to do what they want. They wanted to live as they like, to be equal to “adults”, to prove that they can “survive” without the elders (with their air of superiority and condescension). More, they wanted to live, not just survive. They grew tired of being employees, workers and students in relation to the elders hooked on inequality, despotism and wars. They wanted to be able to hire themselves by themselves and “make” money in ways they could prefer.

This post-WWII “divorce” between generations of Americans created mass-culture. And mass-culture changed everything. And nothing – this everything was nothing. The appearance of life changed radically although it took some time to notice this change. The appearance of life has changed, but not its essence. What can you expect from kids, except groundless idealism, impulsive passions and stubborn capriciousness? Yes, adult business, adult wars, adult education and adult private life started to change, when the new generation began creating its own life and build its own – youthful adulthood. The young started to sell what they themselves created, and they started to sell to people of their own age or even younger. They started to sell to children, through the pockets of their parents – little nice sing-songs and song-sings. They started to make music using technology of “minimal musical accompaniment”. Soon this minimum becomes gross super-maximum on, as if, magically enlarged stages, while the swollen guitars became the symbol of the “daringly” phallic pop-glory! The girls and kids in the audience felt joyfully hysterical, and this artificial ecstasy became not only the definition of human freedom, but the teens and teenagers’ democratic right for a “radical” sexual liberation.

But one problem among others is that the youth started to sell the muse of music while unconsciously identifying with… the social status of adults, and it’s very difficult to be teenager hating adults but without role models of mature age. So, they were doomed to imitate the adult behavior while sincerely dreaming to be “absolutely different”. The result is that they were different from the adults in how, not in what. They kept the essence of greed and financial megalomania while indulging in illusion of being different from conventionally outdated American adults.

Some of them became impressively reach without any help or advice from business people of the previous generations. Eventually they were able to hire the older specialists, but on their own, young talents and dealers’, conditions. Everything was more than successful, but… together with semi-unconsciously self-injecting some adulthood into their blood the new generations lost something that only adults can sustain, support and enhance, like rationality (although technical and manipulative), realism (although flat and dogmatic) and cognitive maturity (although calculative and egoistically rooted). Traumatized by the conservative tendencies borrowed from previous generations, YADS tried to cut themselves from adulthood as such, and this means that they enveloped themselves with socially normed immaturity and functional childishness necessary for financial success (from the American adults the young generation took the plebeian yearning for success free from existential spirituality, but from their own past they developed tasteless bombast and noisy pomposity).

Mass cultural people (oriented on quick and smooth consumption) are by definition over-fixated on the present tense, on immediate winning (without considering the consequences of their actions and quality of their success), on any chance for self-assertion (based on megalomaniacal feelings), on yearning to prevail over the situations and on feeling dizzily high from any success. Adulthood, unintentionally internalized by the youth became infantilized, but the youth growing into nominal adults are assimilated their forerunners’ concentration on survival and control over life and became dogmatically serious and fixated on the manna, moons and mines of money regardless of their idealistic worldview.

Mass culture encourages escapism from the “boring” and always risky political reality, so only American youth with conservative sensibility (AYCSs) can stay politically oriented because they’re emotionally supported by the hate for others – hate is immanently self-aggrandizing: hated people are always devaluated in the eyes of the haters and, therefore, elevate the self-value of haters. AYDSs are prone to be involved in rock concerts subculture, and if they still have a practical attention to political “controversies” they more and more dissolve them in easy lyrics, music-pusik and drug-alcohol chats, even while some super-stars periodically make self-promotional concerts with sentimentally empathic humanistic tonality. AYCSs are inside the athletic segment of mass culture – they are fans of sport-superstars and happily participants of grandiose athletic events and high-tech gun-training ranges (the private guns subculture is an impressively active part of mass cultural agitation). Both – AYDSs and AYCSs are widely internalizing the post-modernist Hollywood and TV entertainment and “scientific” suggestions of how to feel good, optimistic, self-respectful, strong and happy and group-involved.

The impulsively ecstatic aspects of mass-cultural perception of the world already practically destroyed serious art and aesthetic sensitivity which was always the background of literature and in 20th century made it even possible the existence of serious (although financially peripheral in US) film culture. Without serious art – garden of humanistic – liberal arts sensibility, human psyche is losing its dedication to existentially spiritual human life. Personal emotional crudeness (in AYDS) and brutalization (in AYCS) become progressively inevitable and helped by growing people’s psychological attachment to digital technologies. The most primitive dogmas make a nest in the souls of the AYCS, like the most desperate fears in the souls of AYDS.

Many of AYDS became much richer than their fathers ever were. In the case of the elder generations their humanity was blended with industrialization – they were part of a giant system of industrial production and had a feeling of participating in producing collective results important for whole country. In addition, they were lucky to enjoy the post-war democratic liberalization. But today, the new adults who were the kids of post-WWII are cut from togetherness of the size of the whole country their parents were a part of. Today, the AYDS and AYCS are mainly geared for money-making as such – for financial sector of the economy, techno-scientific education and “heavy” dreaming about petty money schemes. These interests are isolating the people from the public life of the country. They dream about jobs connected with local opportunities, technical knowledge and “high-tech” results. They are doomed just to make careers, just to make success. For them bosses make the decisions while the business of the employees is do their job effectively. From the rebellious youth we came to a prosperous, but in no way a stable, reliable and respectable philistinism.