Who is the stronger financial partner of Princess/Prince? Liberal or conservative tradition? Democrats or Republican? This, it seems, was and is the main question concerning the American politico-economic development especially in 20th and 21st century. Whatever will or can happen in US it can only happen by being financially approved or blocked by the Princess/Prince of financial decree.

Soviet Russia also had its Princess/Prince. Of course, in this case it was not money calculation, but the – Communist Ideology. No one step, no one yawn, no one cough was possible without it. Women looked at Communist ideology like into the golden mirror. And they used ideological makeup. With the ideological measuring tape Russian women measured the size of their breast and buttocks, like men their limbs and members. The first pop-quiz in Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism had the value of first ejaculation or first pregnancy.

When after the SRussian (Soviet Russian) revolution there was a lot of vacant government positions the fastest and the thirstiest enthusiasts – hunters after career and positions applied like ripe apples with a spring-like determination for success. The passionate desire to be on top, to be in charge, to define their own and others’ destiny was ready to flower. With Clinton’s Presidency the American neocons started to move even quicker than the Russians in Russia – trying to destroy the democrats through insinuations and insults while promoting themselves to enriching their future.

In US you can neutralize the effectiveness of opposition – here the Conservatives by simply going after Democrats’ dependency on their careers and their love for a quiet office job – easily accuse them of helping the enemy and being hidden Communists and make them to be afraid on insisting on anything. Some of them will smile and try to keep a happy face – they will continue to pretend in front of the people that everything is ok and will hope to keep their salary. If you are a Democrat, you are delicate person and extremely sensitive toward being bullied by neocons, humiliated by whipping labels on corporate media and enjoying being object of hate for the conservative crowds.

For many liberal politicians to be a politician means to politely and gently express their political opinion. It is purely ritualistic, bureaucratic concept of political process. Liberals are desk-politicians. They don’t seem to understand that political fight cannot be separated from human passions. Liberal politicians try to administer problems without paying due attention to the sharpness and acuteness of political contradictions.

Reality is reality – says the conformist commonsense. I do what my boss wants me to do because I need a job. I need to provide for my family. I don’t hate anybody and I don’t think that my country is better than any other. But I need to survive. It’s no prejudice having a family and a job, is it?

Giving yourself to the mercy of the establishment and bosses is weakness par excellent. Absolutizing the existing norms and values as they are means to transform them into “monarchic” Prince/Princess (PP) – absolute leadership. Nothing and nobody should be so privileged as to be in a position of having such an overwhelming power and wealth. Pompous and violent solutions are always closing the opportunities for making negotiations for a more positive and humane solutions. Planned and expected conformism of “sobriety”, when we are excluding ourselves from the democratic process, values and attempt at negotiations reinforces tyranny of the establishment. When issues are not publicly and openly discussed, the public doesn’t take part in it. People who are not consulted by the government with monarchic caprices – psychologically degrades and deteriorates just because they are not consulted. People as objects of propaganda are psychologically deprived of the chance to become more mature, more adult, with more independent thinking.

How the promising democratic country, that of “Jefferson and Washington, and Thomas Paine”, and Samuel Clemens, Whitman and Melville has been transformed into pre- and a post-democratic place, based on a worshiping of material success instead of thinking and disinterestedly building existential intelligence? In the 80s of 20th century some arrogant leaders were fixated on dominating the world through wealth – they more and more started to ignore the issue of spreading prosperity and protecting democratic style of life for the rest of the population. The cult of the leaders and bosses creates again egoistic calculations and cultural indifference.

Without help from humanistic science (from intellectual liberals) conservative masses cannot even begin to evolve from traditional way of living. How can Americans agree that their votes are blocked by the corporate lobbyists? Why are they so powerless and can’t curb the power of money? How could their representatives be so weak not to be able to vote for this or that issue with positive insistence? Why Americans sacrifice their interests for the sake of the irrational goals of corporate leadership? Why do they allow corporation to rule their country? Why don’t they nail these corporations as anti-patriotic and un-American?