“Global Economy” as American Financial Elite’s Super-Strategy of World Domination

Private wealth is like the military-industrial complex, like fossil fuel global corporations, like bodily parasitic fats – the more it grows the bigger it dreams to become. It is impossible to monitor private wealth individually if the owner of wealth is psychologically fragmented and doesn’t have other strong interests (which can balance his occupied with profit-making psychological fragment’s demands for mechanical enlargement of wealth). Without other passions – moral, educational, intellectual, aesthetic, philosophical, mystical, a person becomes an appendix to his/her wealth or to the dream of it, a sort of slave ready to do whatever the master will command.

Democratic government is normally dedicated to common prosperity and versatile education but sometimes, as today in US, it becomes weakened by corporate dictates (post-modern corporation is a kind of digestive tract transforming world into excrement of money-profit). When it happens, politicians found themselves under the influence of private money (because the idea of public financing of elections is ripped off by the despotism of corporate money which has conquered politicians’ decision-making), then the balancing influence of the social milieu on money is not fulfilled. Without the control of holistic social context, moneys become stronger and stronger and more and more obscenely tyrannical. They begin disrupt and undermine the functioning of democratic prosperity. Profit-centered psychological fragment (inside human psyche) and addicted to profit-by-any-price style of economic activity (inside socio-cultural whole), not balanced by the psychological and socio-cultural wholeness, are transformed into a capricious tyrant who is ready to sacrifice interests of other people and whole countries to its obsessive and frivolous interests.

Previous massive globalist expansions: Soviet ideological one, Nazi German militaristic one and British colonial one – were more existentially oriented than today’s American global economic project. Soviets wanted the whole world to become the carrier of the communist ideology under the umbrella of the Soviet Union as the world’s socialist mother/father and role model. But the profit the Soviet leaders kept in mind was purely an idealistic one – they mainly wanted recognition of their country as the progenitor of the world communism. In fact, leading role in the world the Soviet Union tried to achieve was costing too much money and was compensated only by ideological, not material profit – Soviets had to support their satellites rather than enrich themselves at their expense. The Nazi Germans and the Brits wanted to live on other countries; they exploited other lands’ natural resources, and made exorbitant profit. And this profit was trickled down to the population, not stayed exclusively in the pockets and egos of the financial magnates (in the case of Nazi Germany the profit for the majority of Germans was, mainly, idealistic – the consciousness of being a superior nation and race, but in the case of Britain even the common Brits had a tiny share of a colonial robbery.

The situation with today’s American global expansion is drastically different. With mass firing of American workers for the sake of cheap labor in Third world countries, with financial collapses, with millions losing their homes to “Big Bank”, deterioration or in many cases elimination of the Medical service because of growing cost, with skyrocketing price for education, and with militarization of American youth forced to enlist to financially survive – the profit from American global economic and military expansion is not shared with masses who pay a lion’s share for global expansion into pockets of corporate fat-cats or cute fats.

Let’s briefly go over it once more: With the Soviet ideological expansion every Soviet citizen got a share of the profit albeit a purely idealistic one – experiencing their self-aggrandizing feeling of how “great we are” because “our country is the world’s ideological leader”. With the Nazi German military expansion the profit for the masses was also purely idealistic – the same self-aggrandizing feeling of “how great we, Germans, are because of our military, national and racial superiority”. With British colonizing adventures with all discrepancies in profit between financial elites and the masses some material profits were siphoned down into poplars of populace. Contrary to the experiences of Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Great Britain and in spite of some similarities in the realm of idealistic pop-emotions – American pride for US military might and feeling of ideological superiority (Bush Jr.’s patter “freeom-dmocracy”), the profits made from today’s American military and financial expansion is not shared with masses at all. Today’s American global expansion is, materially speaking, financial elite’s enterprise. This happens because of the arch-anarchy of private wealth – because the members of the American financial elite (who are under the power of their lustful-for-money psychological fragment) are not keeping in mind the prosperity of a larger social body – the well being of the majority of Americans.

But the fundamental American miracle is that private money the financial elite is so proud of owning is not private at all – it’s just privatized public money (that are withdrawn from the American taxpayers through numerous subsidies, loopholes, tax cuts and R&D financing). It is here that we discover the amazing similarities between the American financial, the Soviet ideological, the German military and the British colonial expansions – all these global expansions were financed by the Russian, German, British and American taxpayers correspondingly (in the recent American case by the people without jobs, with melting roofs over their heads and without medical help or with deteriorating one). Here we start to understand why American corporate and political decision-makers are so prone to invent wars from eureka inspiration and indulge in financial collapses – wars generate tax-payers money as wind and bees produce pollination (like financial crashes are just a demand for a giant pizza-bailout from the poor).