Prozac professors are, of course, neither technical scientists nor technical science teachers. They are humanistic scholars studying human life in its various aspects in concrete circumstances of the real world and human history. Their own humanity is not different from the objects of their professional interests. When human beings study the human life without pretending that they are super-human, they are not immune from identification with the very objects of their research (they empathize and sympathize with those they study). Whatever a humanistic scholar studies, s/he will be simultaneously studying him/herself as well and this fact introduces an important difference between technical and humanistic studies.

This particularity of the humanistic scholars makes them take Prozac (up to 80% of history professors in American colleges, for example, use Prozac). And the reason is that they cannot avoid forming concerned opinions about what’s going on in the world and in their country. Because they really understand the changes in the moral values and norms of behavior that are taking place, they become so sad and so desperate that without chronic medication it would be very difficult to keep the desire to continue to live. Additional factor for the prosaic need in Prozac is the crude militancy of anti-humanistic science stance of the neo-con political activists and their parishioners in conservative students’ movement (on the campuses across the country).

Most liberal professors are sensitive and delicate people. Their hearts beat not so much for America’s power and wealth, but for their country’s humanism, dedication to the development of democracy and the sophistication of understanding of the problems of human life. They are becoming depressed by witnessing how U.S. is deviating from the American Constitution and the International Laws, and by seeing the vulgarization of the democratic atmosphere into incivility, intolerance, disrespect toward political opponents and free speech. The majority of these people cannot become political activists who can withstand pressure and insist on their critical opinions. In front of hurrah-harassment their hands start to shake, and they feel spasms in their throat. At this point they need Prozac.

In comparison with the conscientious liberal professors the neo-conservatives are fierce street fighters and quick gun drawers. They don’t give a damn about history/sh-history, psychology/sh-psychology or philosophical ornamentations on their spine-guts-and-muscles’ naked and always erected drive to survive. Their morality is purely functional – survivalist, succeedist and advantage grabbing. They are energetic like jets (jetnergetic). They are full of primordial excitement, all the time bite their bits on the way to victory, even when it’s just a fictory (fictional victory). In comparison with Prozac professors they are as if on cocaine. They are maniacal competitors and gluttonous appropriators. They are like many communist leaders were around the October revolution and in Stalin’s times. The Conservatives’ need to swallow and to digest money, their materialistic aspirations, the sweet sweat of their success (do you know that success sweetens the bodily odors?) make them seem to be permanently on steroids. They are asteroids on steroids.

We don’t need to think too long who will win, professors or asteroids, before the winners will destroy themselves.