Americans make a fetish from free market idea as Communists were building Communism. But no concept can be absolutely impeccable. Only combination of different ideas that can balance one another correspond to democracy. Absolute priority of any political idea and any ideology is very dangerous. When one principle of free, non-regulated trade takes on the monarchic position, every political concept starts to become more extremist and turn in irresponsible manner. The result of unregulated production can cause, for example, unsafe, toxic and hazardous food or drugs, false advertisement or selling goods not proven safe or reliable for public consumption.

Let’s consider three areas of making financial success in the modern world – selling cinematic images with violent and aggressive content, selling toys and video games that stimulates aggressive emotions in children and selling weapons which is the reason for the rising murder rates and children shooting and wounding other children. From the mid-80s teenage crime has skyrocketed and became more widespread in USA. In the same period the number of murders committed before age 18 has doubled. But everything started not just innocently, but with the slogans of freedom, prosperity, with triumphant growth of production and consumption, with increasing entertainment and profit margin.

Only after WWII the exceptional development of cinematic technology, entertainment and industry of toys and games, revolution in pop-music, celebrity stars and mass culture in general including fast food eateries, dining places – eating spots independently of home and family – stimulate children to step away from emotional influence of their parents and adults in general. New technology developed under the banner of liberalism – the right for independent individual tastes and behavioral norms. New businessmen-democrats were against any control over what and how they sell to children’s audience. The kingdom of freedom for entrepreneurship considered itself as incarnation of democracy in action. Calculation was simple. What the children of man’s gender love to play more with than anything else? To war, toy-soldiers, toy-weapons and athleticism. What about children of female gender? To the dolls, dresses, cosmetics and physical irresistibility. So, virtuoso mentality of the free market production started creatively modeled these topics!

Unconscious of children internalized messages of numerous multiplication films – fascinating animals more touchingly human than children themselves can be killed and not die, it’s possible to kill somebody, and this somebody will not die, therefore killing itself is not lethal and everything can be pure entertainment and no danger and no bad mood between characters on the screen. Of course, children hear that in real life people from the violence die or suffer, but for children this is boring adult talk – abstraction… The higher intensity of Hollywood films with shooting, intensified by technology, stimulates profits of businessmen which was growing unbelievably intense. The industries of toys and Hollywood start financially enrich itself by the use of electronic technology. In 90s children not only starts to buy guns on the black market and began using them in the context of wars between bands of adolescents and youth.

According to specialists studying and analyzing children, adolescents who commit murder identify a striking absence of moral sensitivity and lack guilty conscience for what they have done. Of course, the parents of youthful criminals watch violent films like everybody else and don’t start after this shooting to neighbors. Why such parents don’t teach their children the difference between toys and films on the one hand and real life on the other? Why delinquent and future delinquent children don’t internalize parental moral imperatives, the ability for sympathy and empathy? Why are they psychologically underdeveloped? Modern commercial production is so imperative and irresistible that it totally dominates children’s and young people’s perception in general. Never in human history had children so readily exposed to such sharp impressions from the world of entertainment, drugs and weapons as today, when all the might of modern technology and psychological expertise are directed to help entrepreneurs and sellers to conquer the human hearts and human hopes for the glory of profit and financial might.

Children don’t have innate/inborn (ready-made) morality by nature. It’s necessary to teach it. It can come to them only through internalization of adulthood. Not to teach and not to expose them to a wide array of culture and not to psychologically transfer adulthood to them is a catastrophe, especially when the “financial sector” makes billions on producing and selling them goods, while kids are enriched by – infantile-aggressive and indifferent behavior.

Commercial production (toys, films, electronic games, TV) takes away children’s interest in their parents, destroys the bond and rapport between and mothers and fathers become boring objects of children’s indifference. Mass society with its entertainments fixates its children on consuming images and things able to provide quick and over-pleasant emotional manipulation in forms of concentrations and entertainments. The problem is in collapse of parental identification with their children, in destruction of the very mechanism of children’s maturation, the process of how childhood can transfer into adulthood. With the American children’s future technological professionalism, emotional drought and financial dehumanization the hope of a future child-parent humanistic unity will not be easy to achieve.