Rene Magritte, “Lovers III”

What can faces of a woman and man together tell us the viewers about two people’s togetherness? Sometimes more than their postures and configurations of their bodies or dynamism of their mutual touching. In Magritte’s “Lovers III” the woman is obviously welcoming the gentleness of the man’s cheek, the soft pressure of his profile. Her eyes look a little surprised, but the growing readiness of her almost-smile – obviously prepares the air for their mutuality.

Well, men often are a bit difficult in personal relationships. They can be too solemn in their self-projection on woman, a little heavy or even sometimes almost monumental. In general they take themselves very serious. Even when men’s eyes are closed, it somehow create the impression of being more than opened. The same with men’s mouth – when it’s closed but the impression is that it is either already smiling or ready to generously smile.

When men start to feel incarnated into their bodies it’s especially difficult for woman, because together – men and their bodies create a lot of, as if, little flashes, even tiny bodily blasts, kind of independent from their heads and faces barely noticeable vibrations which, as if, establish with a woman relations independent from the man himself. And a woman has to tolerate these particular little games regardless of woman and a man relations as their personal rapport. In short, men as a human beings and men’s bodies, as if, are not completely united. It means that woman is obliged to tolerate this men’s split between themselves and their bodies. But it’s not all. Finally men’s bodies start to dominate their personalities, and finally men started to serve the needs of their bodies. It’s the most difficult and unpleasant moment in women’s relations with men. It is the same as if men trap you, lock you in their bodies, but as if absolutely innocently.

Men’s symbiosis with their bodies is their business, but why woman should try to establish familiarity with bodies of men and start to serve not men but their bodies? A human body is not a human being! I agree – it’s a part of a human beings, but I as a woman have the right to be free from this awkward symbiosis between men and their bodily needs. Of course, we women are the weak gender. We are kind in our heart. But it means that we are enslaved not by men but by men’s bodies. And it’s delicately speaking. Men’s organism is a kind of a multilayered. It is nets of entanglements and thorns. Men are enslaved by obsessions and sexual desire masked by innocence. So, woman is enslaved by men, men – by their sexuality, men’s sexuality by its orgasm, but their orgasm by their ejaculation. Isn’t it too much slavery for one woman?

The solution is to forget all of this and to imagine during sleep or day-dreams a man as a man’s head, as if a man’s head is the best of men – smartness, delicateness, attention, tenderness, care.

Rene Magritte, “Lovers IV”, 1.

Sometimes the woman is doomed to feel that a man’s head is a better lover than man’s body. The touch of a man’s face can for her be music without sound. For some women a man’s eyes suddenly covered by his eyelids are the most beautiful eyes in the world. It leaves a woman be free in her movements, in her self-impressions, in her self-adoration and in her freedom to love… a man on her conditions.

Well, probably, a bigger part of women ultimately surrender to men’s bodies. These women imitate men’s bodies, follow their routines and boring moves, and they eventually end up being rewarded as they deserve. But rare female exemplars force men to worship them – to imitate them! Such magnificent women are the highest peaks – tops of the highest mountains. Such women use men as a record breaking record alpinists who has made a carrier conquering the heights.

Rene Magritte, “Lovers IV”, 2