Why Republicans Need to Keep their Softer-Milder (Democratic) Version as their Partner?

The following text has been attributed to Aristotle (4th cent. BC):
“Men say that in Egypt the sandpipers fly into the mouth of crocodiles, and cleanse their teeth, pulling out the pieces of flesh, which stick in their snouts, while the crocodiles are pleased, and do them no harm.”
(Umberto Eco, “The Infinity of Lists”, Rizzoli, 2009, p. 157)

Has the ancient author not predicted here the situation in American political life at the end of 20th-beginning of 21st centuries? What will happen to crocodiles without the cleaning service of the sandpipers?

Democratic leaders like Nancy Paralyzi are ideologists and master-practitioners of cleansing the teeth of the neo-conservative crocodiles with delicateness and care. For them to be good pedicurists of conservative teeth is the main goal of the democratic agenda.