Pasolini’s “What are Clouds?” – Short, 22 min. (Pasolini’s contribution to “Caprice Italian Style” (1968)
The fact that the great classic works of art are perceived through history made Pasolini to analyze not only “Othello’s” images but how we understand them since the time of their creation. So, In addition to the Shakespearean characters Pasolini introduces two additional ones personifying our relations with Shakespeare’s play. They are a puppet-master and the garbage man. Both are metaphorize what the viewers and readers of “Othello” for several centuries have psychologically been doing with the play.
According to Pasolini, instead of connecting the ”immortal characters” with our life we transform them into idealized puppets, whom we can then play with, into whom we project our need for the sublime, and whom we worship as idols of aesthetic perfection.
The result is that these puppets of our perception rooted in Shakespearean images – are dying with every post-Shakespearean generation.
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