Rich Crotches and the Poor Pariahs – Notes on the Topic of American Post-Democratic Socio-political Phenomenology

The warriors are not only armed with cannons and rifles, but also wage wars of labor and exploitation.
Franco Berardi – “Disobedience and Cognitariat”

We can “do what we want” only as long as we remain marginal enough.
Slavoj Zizek – “Joe Public V the Volcano”, Apr. 29, 2010

In a world of proud generals the poor are self-sacrificial soldiers with heroic self-image. In a world of financial aces the poor are their accountants with a lyrical dream of being rich as kitsch. In a world of property-owners the poor are diligent cleaners. In a world of busy bosses the poor are their yes-sirs masseurs. In a world of propaganda-shitters the poor are propaganda eaters. In a world of rich decision-makers the poor are decision-takers. In a world of stars the poor are just tires from cars.

The task of the poor in US today is to serve and nurture the financial elite (polish its bellies and ballies). The task of the decision-makers, on the other hand, is, first of all, to control the American poor (with their sleazy “laziness” and “anarchic imagination”), but mainly not to let the ecumenical poor: people wherever they’re in the world, to live in peace and quiet – to try to subdue and conquer them, to transform them into creatures without their own intellectual and political will and spiritual ambition, into fluffy and flowery followers whom our elites will tell what to and not do.

This already happened before in U.S.S.R. and in Nazi Germany where the elites transformed the Russian and German poor correspondingly into their servants and simultaneously their bodyguards – into a military and police force to purge the populations and chunks of the world from “stubborn and vicious” otherness. Still, for the drained brains of the mass people who prefer to have fun-king instead of thinking, fats instead thoughts and video-games instead of scholarly books, even today it is not obvious that the American financial elite (AFE) and its conservative political puddles are made of the same dough as the elites in Soviet Russia (SRussia) and Nazi Germany. To whatever country minorities of the financial elite belong, they want the same thing – a despotically dominant position in the world. And they will crush with the same determination (in ideologically camouflaged way) any real opposition to their paw-power with lawless claws.

Oh, yes, for a while the American financial elites played the democracy (after WWII when the shadow of guilt over the use of nuclear bombs, the shining victorious image of being the carriers of the alternative to the ways of wars and, mainly, the fear that the American masses were becoming enamored with the “socialist” alternative – made them to be relatively tolerant, generous and permissive with their own poor). But after the so called “collapse” of the Soviet Union they understood that their hour has arrived, that the Democracy plumage on their helmets is no longer needed, that to try to prove that “we in US can provide a better living conditions than the ‘Soviet socialism’ can ever do” is irrelevant anymore, that “now you have to be plain stupid to give the poor anything at all”. “Instead of social security they deserve to have social scarcity”, “instead of jobs they have to have chokes and shocks”. Today, when the time of democratic prosperity is over, the objective truth about the American financial elite (AFE) has come to light – the world for these people is just a reservoir for their enrichment and empowerment.

With BCR (Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld) the immanent greed/gluttony of AFE became feverish – it got a card Blanche and a green light to detour laws and ignore regulations. The time of invented wars and massive financial collapses had come – to enrich themselves to the point of leaving poor to their poverty, resentment and despair. If not a Democratic President (Obama) who appropriated the collapse into tax-payer-based compensatory funds, and by this stabilized the economic situation, the rich would have flown away with their profits leaving the country at the mercy of the fascist ideology (of intolerance and hate based on despair) which is just another name for population’s self-destruction. Obama and his advisers were able to suspend (postpone?) the fascist transformation of American society by over-feeding the already over-fed financial gluttons. Will it be enough to keep the American financial elite (AFE) inside a shaky, limply and foggy but nonetheless still a democracy?

Conservatives continue to push for a political extremism – they are already there, in the very middle of fascist world-view drowned in primitive emotional impulses to self-aggrandize “us” through destruction of the carriers of otherness while being deaf and blind to logic and common sense. Will Obama be able to continue to keep the democratic frame of reference as a container for the conservative anti-democratic energies? Will he be able to keep compress of a compromise on a feverish forehead of the country in order to protect the unjust justice encircled by righteous injustice the conservative fascists by psychology are pushing the country into?