Bodyguards and Servants of Rich Masters

Banksters! Learn honest banking or get out of the profession!

Banksters! You don’t have a right for your fat bonuses after you have failed and were bailed out by us, American taxpayers! Immediately send you bonuses to the needy!

By watching the protests against the socio-political powers in European and Arabic countries and now in US you observe the same situation – that the rich decision makers of various nations are not exposed to people’s indignation. They are shielded exactly by those whose interests are the opposite of the interests of the rich/powerful elite. When the majority of people fed up by the growing inequality and the injustices started to protest against being abused by the Eastern tyrants or the Western pocket-faced manipulators, a substantial segment of the poor instead of joining in the protests prefers to defend their wealthy masters. Not only the police and the army stand against the peaceful demonstrators, but also those who by the perverted logic of jingoism or/and masochistic or conformist psychology identify with bosses instead of recognizing the truth of their own real socio-economic condition, their shameful dependence on those who have cynically bought them and can fire them at any moment.

These poor defenders of the rich masters are the victims of the trick played out by their own unconscious – the trick is that by refusing natural identification with the protesters (who have the courage to recognize that they became socially deprived and must fight for their dignity and humanity), our poor lovers of the rich deliriously feel that they are like their masters – that they too are “above” the protesters in social standing. By attacking and violating the peaceful demonstrators they enjoy that they have the power to do so and as if confirm their “superiority” over the people who are as poor and as materially insecure as them. By physically triumphing over protesters they enjoy the fact that they are employed, teeth-, gun-, baton- and handcuff-strong and have McDonald prosperity.

Look at these Rottweilers in police uniform in Britain, France, Spain, Greece and US. They forget that unlike their rich masters they belong to the same social bottom as the protesters – they don’t want to be conscious of it. They are moved by the pleasant illusion that as soon as they are Rottweilers of the rich they will be taken care of: will always be fed and have a roof. They have a brain of the size of their monthly paycheck.

But identification with the owners of the country includes much more than identification with their power and wealth. And it is not a matter of just serving and defending them. Rottweilers identify with the rich’s contempt and disgust for human beings as such, human beings as different from money with its power. We all saw in the first video clips of the anti-Wall Street protest in New-York those sarcastically smiling people with Champaign glasses (on the balcony of Stock Exchange building). And we hear how corporate media are laughing at the protesters describing them as smelly/sweaty bums and dope-addicts who don’t want to work, dream about sexual orgies, etc. These super-human equal-to-money creatures from the kingdom of stocks and media talks insinuate that protesters are coming to demonstrations for free food. Tea-publican politicians call them mobs, un-American, good for nothing, etc. To see moneyed elitists’ contempt for those who are critical of their socio-political behavior, and their vulgar readiness to insult and humiliate others was quite an eye-opening. The degree of anti-democraticity of today’s wealthyple is shocking. But being shocked by this discovery is a measure of the idealism of the factual democracy, its unreality. We have to become more realistic about our country.

These stock/talk wealthyple who really hate anyone who thinks differently will not have a bad conscience doing whatever they can to keep their grip on the population (we already see their hand in the actions of today neo-conservative/tea-publican politicians). They are by psychology very close to the Soviet political elite under Stalin – they are beyond human feelings, they are artificially created by their idolized political doctrine (in their case it is not that of Communism, as it was in Russia but of Omnipotence of money-power). Today’s American right-wing financial masters are antidemocratic monsters produced by democracy. They are mutinous mutants of democracy who have turned against it moved by their demonic drive for power and money.

For our Rottweilers amongst the poor to serve today’s One Percenters is like to worship the sun of sin, the price of vice and the royalty of cruelty.