Sanjuro (A Homeless Guru as a Teacher and Role Model) is not a film about sword play and is not a samurai drama.

It is a film about the fatal danger democratic societies face today: the danger of being overthrown by the right wing political powers.

In “Sanjuro” Kurosawa provides a penetrating psychological analysis of the right wing-conservative politicians using many Western analogies.

Kurosawa dedicates special attention to the analysis of the psychological condition of the young people who can be easy target of conservative propaganda.

From Sanjuro, the main character of the film we can learn a lot about the values alternative to the dominant orientation on power, wealth and war.

Kurosawa (in the center) prepares the scene with Sanjuro (to the left) and Muroto who judges Sanjuro by analogy with himself – as a person who is looking to be hired and is ready to impress his anti democratic employers and promote himself for higher rewards. Indeed, who in our times can expect that a new employee, instead of trying to please his masters will risk his life to disinterestedly help those in need of help, and think in democratic categories of justice, fairness, decency and equality, than think in terms of his own career- and money-making?

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