Poorpletons and Moneypulators as Earth and Sky of Social Life

Although “Divide and Rule” majestic principle is older than the Biblical Apple, the poor and nearly poor simpletons (poorpletons) cannot get it (they don’t have the ability to understand abstractions, they can see only the immediate facts: surface of facts) – with ferociously raised shuffles and hoes they will always follow their leaders’ plastic finger pointing at scapegoats.

When in the early 30’s Nazi ideology pointed at Jews as the origin of socio-economic problems, poorpletons, with innocent and hateful readiness jumped to swallow the “vicious anti-Arian troublemakers”. When the American factory-owners (grandfathers of today’s corporate strategists) saw the danger in growing Union membership among workers, they paved the way for the arrival of Mexican workers not only to put the price of labor down but to put both sides against one another. Mutual hate between American and Mexican workers (forced to fight for crumbs of jobs) successfully distracted them from the real problem – the passion of Big Pockets to avoid improvement of living conditions for the workers. When American corporations started to lobby for lax immigration laws to hire foreigners for much less pay, poorpletons again readily and steadily gave themselves to new waves of xenophobic hate. And even when corporations started to throw Americans out of work and go to other countries for cheap labor, poorpletons instead of becoming angry at corporations developed impulsive animosity for these countries. They are fatally not capable of understanding who are really doing all this international alchemy of mutual hate. They don’t want to get it – they follow the motto of dogs – never bite the hand that might feed you even when it’s not feeding you.

Today, the Western financial elite under the leadership of American corporations (sending – through their necktied politicians and uniformed commanders – military force to numerous spots of the planet) creates a desperate resistance of the local nationalists whose hate returns to the Western countries in the name of which an unprecedented global conquest takes place. Of course, it is not called a “global conquest”. If poorpletons could hear this even they would get that something is wrong here, that “we” are really provoking terrorist resistance by “going there first” and telling other nations “what to do and what not to” while “nobody likes to hear political instructions from foreigners”. But rich decision-makers (and their media megaphones) know how to represent conquest as self-defense. They invoke “they hate us” rhetoric, and nobody including poorpletons likes to be hated without reason, unjustly. Muslim militants are represented as some kind of creatures who have a massively overdeveloped hate gene that arbitrarily and with an idiosyncratic fatality picks on Christian world and its crown-icon – United States. This basic fairy-tale picture poorpletons cannot resist – it massages their vital organs with a magic touch of the White Goddess. They accept this picture in a gilded frame because they perceive the world in imaginary and simplistic terms. Why? – Because of their inferiority complex connected with their being on the bottom of the social hierarchy. So, they desperately need a picture of a world that flatters them, that allows them to occupy in this picture a position which aggrandizes them – gives them the chance to feel great.

People’s stupidity starts not with generic depravity but with belonging to the low social position (that creates frustration, uncertainty about one’s worth as a human being, extra-sensitivity towards people’s opinion of us, and proneness to sulk), a lack of education making us cognitively deprived, and unconscious megalomania as a compensation for social humiliation of having a low social status. Poorpletons are so fixated on social recognition; they try so hard to impress others, that it makes them irredeemably extreme conformists. They are doomed to perceive the human world pre-scientifically – as casual relations between individuals, groups and nations. Like a baby who is frustrated by the mother‘s absence because it is not sure that she will be back, cognitive abstractions for poorpletons (for example, the “whys” of human behavior) are as frustrating as the absent mother is for the baby. Amidst abstractions they feel abandoned and lost. That’s why poorpletons are precious “natural resource” for being used by financial elites (and their right wing caber-toothed politicians and talk show hosts).

Without poorpletons the financial elite (One Percenters of American population) could long ago lose their monarchic cultural emblems: pop-respect and pop-admiration. Poorpletons are the innocent allies of moneyed manipulators (moneypulators). They are the bottom of the top, earth of the sky, dust of the wind and the body’s heel and foot’s sole.

Like moneypulators need poorpletons as a social support, poorpletons need moneypulators to admire them, to glorify them, and when needed, to sacrifice their interests (for example, by electing Teapublican governors) or even themselves (to proudly go to Bushfeld-wars) for the sake of money-men – wealthies, mighties, glorious, glamorous, cleverous. This self-sacrifice is the apex of poorpletons’ life – the closest they can get to moneypulators: at the distance of smell (smell of money). By sacrificing themselves in moneypulators’ wars, in jingoistic passions, in conformist endurance, in hating/fighting whom moneypulators will point at as targets, poorpletons for a moment (for the eternity) feel themselves as shining and mighty as the rich are. This very moment is their personal death but for them it is the moment of being transformed into their masters forever. They care only about protecting moneypulators from those “perverse” critical intellectuals (operating by fuzzy abstract ideals of democracy, equality and mutual help). They die for the historical continuation of social inequality (they themselves illustrate) which moneypulators promote despite their democratic phraseology (that is a part of their moneypulation).