Human society and sociality of human life cannot be impregnated, be pregnant and give birth. It’s not social life – that gives birth to human beings. But social structure usurps the role of human parents and takes the pedagogical initiatives in its hands. Our actual individual parents – our mother and father are busy working, and sociality forms us from childhood – makes children and adults for what they are.

The Pilgrim or permanent self- fluctuation

This Magritte’s work shows how fragile and relative human individual wholeness is – how the logic of social life can position parts of the human body in the social space – how sociality makes human beings function by fragments of themselves.

The missing face, but clouded chin

Social life moves chunks of the human body and segments of human brains with virtuosity of a super-magician transforming people into components of a mechanical equipment for making metal details.

Ready to be everywhere/ready for everything/ready to be whoever is needed

People develop unique readiness for obedient functioning and learn with pride how to be rewarded for being ready of losing and transforming him/herself to the degree of complete nonrecognition.

Secret Instructions

Elimination of concrete human facial features – their own, transformation of the face into grimace of obedience, indifference and non-existence makes the previous human beings a super-effective mechanism or machine or utilitarian tool.

Approved as a secret agent

Artificial eyes, nose and lips, etc., are at the disposal of endless social services of surveillance*

*The titles of Magritte’s paintings represented here are “modernized” for being relevant or actual for 21st century.