When Political Process Becomes Stimulation and Catharsis of Hate

Hate is like love – it is always with us. And, like love, hate is erotic – it glues to another psychological states and functions: to curiosity, thinking or withdrawal from thinking, fear. It penetrates them and colors them with itself. It exists in almost any society and in all historical periods. Hate and love is an exemplary couple. Hate easily impregnates love – makes it hateful. Love also can influence hate but hate transforms what it penetrates (it forces it to reflect the conqueror), while love is only able to soften hate, make it less hateful. Hate can erase love, but love more often just embellishes hate, makes it look less hateful. Love is very often hate’s makeup, but hate likes to be the essence of whatever emotion it embraces.

Hate can be a reaction on the absence of love, but love cannot be begotten by hate – it can create hate but hate cannot produce love. Does it mean that love is more primordial? Or does it mean that hate is more omnipresent? Do we necessarily need love? May be, love as need is already impregnated by hate. Any need is despotic, need always keeps hate in its pocket like a knife. But hate doesn’t need to be needed – it is always there. If love is an imaginary paradise which likes to tease us by its brief apparitions, hate is a hell which is always inside us. It is like random erections or a bothersome itch. If love is near by, hate is next in line.

Pleasures provided by love are dreamy and foggy, while pleasures hate brings us are razor-sharp and instantly rewarding. Love is like an embrace, hate a separation. Love makes sight superfluous; hate is like an alert signal but an extremely pleasurable one. If love is like an erotic touch, if to look for tactile analogies, hate is like an ejaculation. Hate is like the music of emotions. People don’t think that hate gives them pleasure because their consciousness is alienated from their emotions – they don’t understand the language of their emotions, they don’t know what their emotions are saying by their very existence. They take enormous satisfaction from their hate but it is unconscious. On the level of the content hate is a negative emotion, but on the level of form it is a treasury. We can see that many people are addicted to the euphoria of hate just by how much hate they produce when they are talking about other people, how often they are murdering people psychologically – by talking about others without taking into consideration their interests as if they were not human beings at all. Hateful actions don’t just suddenly start – they are usually prepared by a psychological warming up in a form of giving ourselves to hateful emotions. Before we target other people physically we target them emotionally. That’s what neo-conservative extremism is all about.

But why hate is so pleasant that we are prone to become addicted to it, like right wing talk show hosts and many conservative politicians? Because hate is not just self-asserting – it is self-aggrandizing, self-elevating, it is an ode to our greatness written by the primal poet – our mute emotions. Hate flatters the one who hates. This is the hidden socio-psychological essence of hate. Hating somebody (individuals, groups, nations or races) means putting the object you hatefully react on – down. This is an immanent symbolism of hate as an emotion. Hate is hierarchical feeling. To put object down means to put the subject up. Hate is a magic rode which when pointed at somebody it transforms this object into a pygmy or Lilliputian or a vermin (that is in the eyes of the hater, of course, but that is enough to provide him/her with pleasure).

Hate is the simplest and the cheapest strategy of self-aggrandizement known to human specie. It is hate’s secret. What hate does to its objects is well known and simple. What hate does for those who hate – this is hate’s psychological meaning and its glory. Just hate somebody, and you will feel great and optimistic and will believe in your future and your victory over the world. Hated person is always perceived as sub-human. Targeting somebody with hate is already self-aggrandizement. To hate means to feel and to state that I am above the one whom I hate. For me to hate means to be sure that I will be able to destroy whom I hate because my hate suggests to me that I am stronger just by the very fact of experiencing hate. The presence of my hate verifies the guilt and badness of the hated. The hated one is responsible for my hate like Eve is for Adam’s lust, and the stronger is my hate the more, I believe, successfully I will eradicate the hated evil.

That’s why hate is a psychological overture for battles and wars. Democratic sensibility invented alternative to wars because it found alternative to hate. This alternative is a compromise and creative rationality and inventiveness which carry to the orbit the diplomatic art and a democratic world view based on equality and respect for other people and the ability to take their interests and welfare into consideration. For seventy years the very existence of Soviet Union with its arrogantly messianic world view cooked with hate, contempt for compromise and with self-aggrandizement was a menace to civilization and life on Earth. Today the Russian missiles have lost its ideological megalomania and are needed only for defensive purposes. But our own country – US, under extremist conservative government serving the globalist corporate interests started to follow the example of Soviet Communists and even upgraded Sovetism’s messianic posture into a megalomaniacal project of globalization of Americanism as power and universal wisdom! Moved by the idolatry of profit, the American financial elite started economic and political expansion to other countries taking away their independence and the right to have their own development. In the name of democracy and American people it started to invent wars to support its corporatist agenda and to transform other people into enemies by deploying righteous hate (exactly like the Soviets did for seventy years).

The Soviet masses couldn’t even try to stop the Soviet ideological expansion into other countries (Soviet globalist ideology) because they were chained by the totalitarianism of their political system. But Americans with their “freedom of speech and organizations and individualistic independence from mass ideologies” cannot, it seems, do it either. Why? As under pre-Cheneyfeld’s democrats they were hooked on consumerism, today they are more and more dick-chained with euphoric ideology of hate and are becoming addicted to it, with Tea Party-like bouts of hate drunkenness and unconditional readiness for new wars.