Fury at Obama for Not Delivering the Economic Miracles Leads to the Hiring of GOP to Revenge Him

Many mass Americans – MAs (under- and low-Middle-class people) live in a very difficult psychological situation: they love politicians who are against their political and economic interests, and they don’t love politicians who are for them. They suffer from the pernicious split between love and their interests. And this split will grow because political process become more complicated while they – more and more under-educated to understand it.

MAs were so happy, in spite of everything, with Bushfeld and Cheneywitz (Bush/ Rumsfeld and Cheney/Wolfowitz). It couldn’t even cross their minds to be infuriated with them for their endless missteps, over-generalizations, passive following their childish impulses and strategic and tactical incompetence. Whole eight years MAs were happy – not with Bushmerican leaders’ achievements, of course, because what they really achieved was only benefited two percents of the American population by the cost of pauperizing and destroying the future chances for the rest. MAs loved them for how they were talking – for their facial expressions, intonations and phrases reminding pronouncements of the heroes of fairy tales and myths, their archetypal, primordial meanings like sculptures made of clay, and its style, solemn and sticky.

The less educated in liberal arts a person is, the less s/he is touched by the serious art – the more s/he is prone to melt and swoon in front of the authoritarian leader and patriarch with the language of tasteless clichés of super-wisdom supported by the emotions of macho-tough seriousness and with the ability to signal warnings as if through a large space (as God from the Sky) and to solidly deliver punishment to those who were warned. In fact, those Bushmerican eight years were for the uneducated and not too intellectually sophisticated folks the happiest years when the president and his click-clock thought and talked exactly like simple as pimple people do in their kitchen, on their porch or in the pub. But the contract of MAs with Obama is something else. It has nothing to do with love for tough as a tooth and manly as can-opener leaders.

Obama was supposed to succeed in reversing the process of people’s progressive pauperization as a result of expensive wars, financial collapses, jobs lost by corporate search for cheaper labor abroad, and tax cuts for the rich minority of the population. According to how MAs’ view it he has failed. He didn’t do the job he was hired by the people to do. Well, he achieved something in spite of conservative politicians’ resistance. But what he achieved is for MAs sounds like technicalities. But where are the grand results Obama “promiscuously promised” and was hired to deliver? MAs became upset not only because the results they hoped for are not there: in their pockets, not only because they feel that they made a wrong choice by entrusting such an important task to a person who was not up to the job. The main reason for their desire to revenge was that they, as they feel, have wasted their trust, their belief and their hopes, that they are spiritually cheated. And that’s for MAs dead serious.

By electing an extremely conservative Congress whose leader said in advance that he is going to have the democrats investigated for anti-American activities, MAs as if are saying to Obama: “Listen, Mr. President, we gave you two years of our life and our hopes. How dare you not achieve what we wanted you to? How did you dare to deceive our expectations? Your speeches and talks are too technical for us; they smell with trickery of liberal elitism. They are deceitful. Americans are ready to trust but they don’t forgive those who violate this trust.”

“In the beginning of this year – long before the corporate-funded deluge of attack adds – 39 percent of Republicans supported impeaching President Obama. In the same Harris Poll, 24 percent of Republicans thought Obama might be the Antichrist. When the base of your party so…delusional, impeachment not only seems feasible, it seems downright reasonable.” (Paul Begala, CNN political commentator, Nov. 2, 2010, O9:03 PM.)

Why is there such a discrepancy between how MAs’ felt about Bushney (Bush/Cheney) and how they feel about Obama? Why Bush is for love but Obama is for job? Why Bush is good even when he is bad and why Obama is bad even when he is good? Why Bush didn’t need to prove anything but Obama’s tireless attempts to breach the conservative stone wall is equal to the inability or even desire to achieve? Why are we ready to forgive one person for serious violations and mistakes but demand from another not less than impeccable job performance? Why such difference in treatment of two people in the same position?