But can stupidity learn? Or, can it learn whatever it is, successfully? It looks like it can learn at least to the degree of stupid person’s ambition. But how-how-how is stupidity able to learn? Perhaps, because of modern technical science’s perfected drilling techniques. Advanced technical education can make even brainless “smog” a maker and polisher of something.

We hear from the artists of techno-science that math is an art. And I believe them without any arrogant minuses on my part from what they assert. There is a tiny nucleus of artist-mathematicians in the world like there is a small enclave of billionaires. But the majority sweating while chasing after money are far from being honored by recognition. The crowd of math-professionals are rather “cargo” specialists although we can be sure that they do well on their level of pop-needs.

So, what should these privates of first class mathematicians do with the stupidity arrogantly sitting inside them? Sophisticated drilling of mathematically unsophisticated minds is a very smart strategy. Professionalism on any level can ease the stubborn human presence in the world, but is quite able to provide even minimum of education for stupid people who will then admire stupid leaders and with stupid solemnity vote for them on the Election Day. More, they solemnly “wearing” super-high-tech assault machine-guns ready for a bloody-stupid demarches on the streets of American cities.

Stupid people are guards of the wealthy and powerful who provide them knowledge of how to intimidate the philistines. These guards have existed for millennia and they continue not only in US. Their role is not just to guard the financial and ideological “monarchs”, but …-kissing and …-licking them. Yes, they professionally carry out the orders and commands of their superiors.

These are the people who never read serious books or watch complicated films or “un-understandable” paintings – who have never known what thinking is, but only calculation and obedience, who never had disinterested thoughts (their own minds belong to money, hate and beating and harming demonstrators). They never witnessed that thoughts can have a complicated dance with one another and create configurations by combining a more complicated mind architecture.

We live in a time when nature is in agony by the deeds of those that are incinerating its life and beauty by their greed for more and more money and power. But we are still spiritually semi-alive with hope even though it is naïve and too human.