It’s very easy to start to talk about two kinds of people in our country – one is the Demos – the poor and the low middle class, and the other includes several categories – semi-rich (future rich – people who are trying to become rich), just rich and the top-rich (or wealthy). The poor are rather compassionate with another poor, and if they have sometimes extreme quarrels between neighbors it is by personal reasons. Basically they are prone to identify by common destiny with each other and feel mutuality between their families. But the other type of people – semi-rich, future rich (those who are trying to become rich), just rich and top-rich (those who only care about their own success, profit and wealth and, therefore try to subdue and repress those who live by needing jobs, habitually hungry about food and money, and suffer and hateful about their life.

Survivalism is a condition of life on earth, a condition which touches all ages. It’s the basic principle of living under the sky. This principle makes everyone including human beings – harsh and hard, primitive and fearful, crude and rude and animalistic. In US, after WWII survivalism was… supported very generously. The reason for this was that Soviet “socialism” during this time was popular among the American masses, so US leadership tried to persuade the Americans that prosperity in US is much more generous and likeable than the ascetic and inept Soviet socialism (it’s difficult not to agree with it). But the point is that American prosperity was temporary – it was real, but it was a strategic calculation, it was good, but it was fraudulent. It was nice and pleasant but it was artificial. Austerity was not far away. Of course, US was a greatest country – massive, with a beautiful versatile land, with enslaved and released around black Africans, destroyed native American’s culture, killed numerous native inhabitants and still provide remnants of them with a gift of land – a gift from the new gods in charge. US had a giant Civil War between the prosperous landlords of the South and the Northern businessmen with the need to create a mighty industrial future. And is US not only a unique expansionistic conglomerate making permanent mini-wars with various countries of the world, but the only country that created the giant military war-experiment of using nuclear weapon on its enemies. More, US is the biggest and the richest country busy to create, elaborate and continue to develop and perfect new types of versatile effective weaponry.

Private luxury, weapons and profit-making are the three directions of American technological genius. Luxury has a technological heart, weapon – the heart of a conceited adolescent, while profit-making has a heart of a diamond the size of watermelon. Of course, almost all the Americans dream about a luxurious life and many do everything to make it a reality “for me and my family”. US as a country is proud of its weaponry, while lovers of guns are proud of having them in their possession. And as US cannot live without military action regular Americans cannot refrain from using their guns. And both – US (as a country) and American citizens are training its/their prowess – one in mini-wars and the others in professional shooting. Some (more intellectual) Americans transform money/profit into its sublimated form – into their work, for example in scientific research which they love “more than life”, but when you are occupied with cosmic equations and enigmas it’s especially pleasant to live in material comfort.

The stronger US becomes the more successfully proud profiteering impregnates all its other interests. For example, when a nature loving family comes to a wild forest to enjoy it in full – what is this family really enjoying? Belonging to the beauty of nature or these people’s ability to consume a particular geographical spot – to be able to consume and enjoy what they temporarily has appropriated and consumed? Here we have a deal with the “spiritual, idealistic side” of money which consist of brag-pride of being wealthy, money as an idea, money as the consciousness of having money, money as a spirit – money as god’s presence, money as an immaterial fact.

If the poor, the hungry and homeless could be against the policies that the rich dictate – US could be a normal country of a normal people. But the poor here from childhood went through a masterful propaganda (in comparison, for example with crude and primitive Soviet propaganda – Soviet Union is another example of a not normal country with a not normal people, where the poor were supporting ruling elite because of ideological idealism putting them on the top of being extraordinary in comparison with regular citizens). American propaganda is only partially idealistic with its promise of future big wealth even for regular people, promise supported by the global perspective of US domination over the world. American superiority over the world is so obvious for Americans that they matter-of-factly believe in their future if not of being billionaires, but at least millionaires. To use nuclear bombs on civilian populations were a softly speaking megalomaniacal acts, but many Americans were absolutely happy – “what a power we have! “

Barack Obama believes in “American exceptionalism” – the verbal veil of “American Superiority”. While the Russian Soviet Reich has collapsed, the American “exceptionalism” is just cleaning its feathers – US’s billionaires and the country’s high-tech weaponry will have its set and game.

Yes, in US there are democrats who try to care about the Demos, but many who belong to the Demos prefer a… totalitarian leaders, because for them democrats don’t look like them – and they want to beat up those who look like college teachers and intellectuals. In US today the humanistically (in liberal arts) educated people are more and more alienated and soon could find themselves among scapegoated and punished. In the late thirties (in USSR) these types of people were also despised, hated and isolated by the tough dogmatists and blind servants of the leaders.

But why are the American poor in US so effectively and successfully outsmarted by internal (American) propaganda? There is nothing more effective propaganda tool than consumerism because you appropriate for yourselves what is pleasant to have. And there is nothing better than entertainment (besides consumerism) because you’re solemnly put (by the society) into the position of the respectable object of appeal – when you’re entertained you’re made to feel yourself center of the world. It’s not by chance that when you sitting in the cinema your nose is in arrogant position. To consume and be entertained are the two ways in which the human soul is systematically and methodically destroyed by the entertainer-propagandists. From the beginning of humanity human soul was locked in contradiction between good and evil and was obliged to make the tormenting choice between them. Of course, choice for Americans is not even between consumerism and entertainment – they consume entertainment and are entertained by consumerism!

The roots of human nature are predatory. But it is no difference whether this violent -predatory predisposition serves good or bad. Human intolerance, egoism, aggressiveness and the need to self-assert and brag will serve people regardless of the fact – they are on the side of good or evil. People as they are will address the best, the most humane ideas and feelings with equal irritability and arrogance, self-aggrandizement, despotism, proneness to fabricate reality and the conservative appeal to the desire to rule and command. The good in action tends to become as bad as the bad in action.

This is exactly what happened many times in history, for example in US of 80s with the carefully growing ruling despotism and greedy financial self-indulgence, when right-wing pundits and conservative “specialists” gradually started to sidestep culturally delicate and delicately cultural democrats who were trying to insist on behavioral decency in developing social programs promoting a life for the poor Americans, instead of pushing greedy predatory strategies of self-enrichment for the privileged minority for the sake of glorifying the more wealth for the most wealthy.