Prosperity VS. Consumerism (Consumerism As A Post-WWII Strategy To Debilitate American Democracy)

The consumerist pseudo-prosperity that pervaded American life after post-WWII, did gradually something terrible to majority of Americans. It, contrary to prevalent opinion, made them psychologically incapable of fighting for their democratic rights and freedoms, although this came to be obvious only in 21st century (when consumerism became really rooted in people’s bodies, souls and imagination). It put down their political alertness, made them forget their own history – how difficult it was to establish an acting, functioning democracy. It made them credulous, obsessed with entertainment and megalomaniacal – feeling that they are invincible for anti-democratic powers inside democracy. The victory against Vietnam War disoriented them even more – they decided that they have freedom in the pockets of their jeans. They started to think that democracy is such a tremendous idea that it will carry itself through all the obstacles which the conservative profit-worshippers (CPWs) put on its way – they became rather believers in democracy instead of being democrats in feelings and actions.

Their naïve megalomania of people who got a taste of “plenitude”, well-being, material comfort and complacency – was telling them (who during anti-war demonstrations made adult males in police uniform retreat), that they are on top of life, encircled by governmental services, working opportunities, affordable education and abundant and tasty food and drinks, that nobody would dare to intervene between them and their even more prosperous future. And so they became addicted to the good feeling that they are unreachable for the evil in which human history was drowned in for eons. And it happened at the same time when anti-democratic energies were looking for the opportunity to start with ferocious intensity to undermine the prevailing democratic sensibility and principles which democratic country lived by. Habitual (self-sustaining) megalomania parasiting on fresh verdure of enthusiastic democrats is very dangerous condition. It misinforms them to what can and cannot happen in real life. It can make a young person (euphoric that guitars of pop-singers are bigger than cops’ buttons), paralyzed with mystical joy and unable to take political action on time. It makes him underestimate the persistence and intensity of hate for democracy on the part of internal enemies of democracy who while pretending to be its lovers are just skillful impostors – those who deploy austerity slogan and actions to throw our democracy oriented on people’s wellbeing and freedom for everybody to more than a hundred years back. Megalomania makes people, who during the period of mass consumerism have reached a pleasant familiarity with money as with a good, reliable and generous friend, to underestimate money as an enemy. Megalomania is like an armor of medieval knights – by protecting you it locks you in it and narrowing your options.

Conservative profit-worshippers (CPWs) managed to graft onto democracy mass culture of consumerism, and they were able to persuade too many people that it is what democracy is about. By “collaborating” with democratic development CPWs in reality were destroying it not yet by challenging democracy as such ideologically (only in 21st century they dare to do this, but still carefully), but by gradually changing its nature – by transforming democracy into mass culture of mass consumerism, by “baptizing” it with the virus of money-worship. As a result American democracy became weaker and weaker with each decade, while monarchy of money stronger and stronger. CPWs have deployed money-worship as antidemocratic socio-psychological weapon of surprising strength, may be, equivalent to what nuclear weapon is in direct war-making. Americans more and more believed that consumerism, not prosperity without consumerism, is the essence of democracy.

Transformation of material prosperity into consumerism (maniacal and obsessive consumption as a goal and meaning of life) is the creative gesture of the genius of the very drive for profit-calculation as can-be a universal human psychological complex. If material prosperity in combination with freedom from being hooked on consumption, and with dignity and self-respect can root democracy deeper and help people to become more independent, consumerism (democracy became corrupted) makes people less democratic in their sensibility. As money corrupts human souls, consumerism corrupts democracy. It transforms it into flea-market.

Having a self-image of being someone who is “well-off”, who is “with a good promising career and rear”, who will be “richer and preacher” – has the magic power closing the person from thinking in terms of political activism. For a person who is megalomaniacally “constructed” as “successful”, the thought that this success couldn’t be possible without political fight, carries self-depreciating narcissistic wound. For megalomaniacal narcissist political activity has the connotation of trying to make your success through political battles, not by your intrinsic talents. To deny your self-image as an exceptional person who succeeded by his own talents is extremely, painfully unpleasant. The conformist position of following the socio-political situation as it already exists is widespread because of lack of understanding how many opportunities are completely closed to our choice. Then the person looks for success among what is offered and neglects much bigger pool of opportunities which are “forbidden” or “not advertised”. Megalomania in this situation helps to mask one’s conformism. You have to have a spiritual strength and humility to be able to even think in terms of political activism. In the moment you are decided to become politically active you already recognized that you are not among the “top elites” and that you are suffering from their egoistic and self-serving decisions in the name of everybody.

By creating a pseudo-prosperity verified by the availability of cheap imitation of luxurious life, people become the prisoners of fake self-image that they are able to live a consumerist life style and don’t need political action. The stronger austerity measures will influence the conditions of life the more desperate people will become (because their self-aggrandized self-image will crack). And when they finally will be capable of shaking off its remnants and start to act as human beings, not super-men, it can be too late – the conservative money-worshippers (CMWs) will be already entrenched politically and militarily to easily give up their anti-humane ideas and practices under the pressure of public opinion.

Conformists are those who agree “to live well” according to the existing standards created by the decision-making elites which will pay conformists salaries because the rich believe that it will bring them more money on a long range, instead of “wasting dollars on the useless democratic majority of population”.