Neocons Want to Conserve History In Their Pockets – In Fish cans

They always ruled over history. They nurtured and increased their power and wealth throughout human history – those Kings, Dukes, Commanders, Leaders, Bosses, Deciders, billionaires, etc. And they want to continue to accumulate and amass their power and wealth forever. That’s why they are conservatives – they conserve and increase their might over people.

Max Ernst, “Barbarians become agitated after being in the forest for a long time”

Max Ernst, “Barbarians angrily looking around”

Max Ernst, “Barbarians keep their initiative”

Max Ernst, “Madmen are in charge”

Modern Barbarians are the product of post-WWII techno-civilization. It would have been impossible if not a smart combination of cowardice, greed and megalomania. Cowardice was created by gun-subculture suggesting to people a trick of growing dollars in scrotums. Greed appeared from belching coins, while widespread megalomania – from propaganda of being better than anybody else in the world. Without the help of over-energetic entrepreneurs our masses could never be so enlightened. Several decades ago we couldn’t imagine that weapons, money and electronic games will become our folklore.