You can hear mainly the chief lout
Steering the fire of violence

Paraphrase from Osip Mandelstam’s poem

Our destiny under the neo-conservative rule is either to continue to understand social life in a conformist way (without any genuine radicalism of being seriously critical about what’s going on) – keeping using euphemisms and pleonasms instead of factual explanations, or emotional and impulsive “radicalism” of just projecting into life our frustration and rage without real – thoughtful understanding.

When we are trying to understand what’s happening and how it’s possible in a country with democratic traditions of fight for justice, equality, fairness, compassion and concern for the general wellbeing of others, we’re magically transformed into cowards with heavy clay in our mouths. And when we’re not surrendering to “careful” cognitive figure skating – when we allow ourselves to question the very structures of our living and become more radically critical – we find ourselves dangerously close to extremists, to the same people who are overwhelmed with unleashed hate – creators of all the political nightmare of proud anti-humanism and cruelty in the first place.

So, we live in between understanding which is allowed/tolerated because it’s palliative and conformist (like the growing majority of Humanistic sciences professors and lecturers), and “understanding” which surrenders its essence but is full of extremist frustration which is very pleasant to catharsizes to the world (like conservative scholars and think-tanks specialists loyal to traditionalist dogma of powerful minority and aromatic warmth of money). We exist in between the both positions in a kind of messy and swampy moral (immoral) environment where we’re paralyzed or semi-paralyzed and chaotically and clumsy moving as mollusks in a warm mud.

What we’re not able to find and keep is a combination of honesty, emotional intolerance to the louts with their lies and tricks, and our own dignity, because these abilities demand from us what we’re afraid of doing (after we became corrupted by cheap prosperity that made us spiritually impotent after it worked on us more than seven decades). People like we are barely able to politically achieve anything because we’re just resourceful settlers who are in panic of poverty, homelessness, illnesses and being beaten up or worse. The hairy fists of thugs, their high-tech machine-guns and metal taste of violence in general are the conductors of the melodies of our fears in fur of shame.

In our semi-whispers we use ellipses, hints, allusions and metaphors dissolving meaning so as to keep the remnants of our presence in the world still traceable.