It was really difficult to imagine that the fat-cat smile is so irresistible, but looking through numerous photographs of the fat-cat presiding over the overexcited crowds I had to correct my impression. People like Trump are able to conquer the realm of artistic fakery.

Hundreds of photos of his admiring crowds and in the center – Himself – the fat-cat shares his smile and with his appealing gaze enlightens the horizon. The sublime intercourse of mutual admiration between Trump-cat and his appealing to his audience emotional tone is as stable as a mountain for his followers to rely on. When Trump-cat talks to them, he is, as if, always sharing his deep feelings with them which creates a mental embrace between them, an embrace like that of an internal sobbing. And people trust him and want to jumps up to kiss him and are ready to die for him.

Something very particular about American philistines – people who live in pseudo-prosperity and are entertained with their poppies – they are touched by these creatures as their pets as parts of their bodies. They love these almost human creatures. They are like to be pet owners, and caress and kiss them. They share with them their prosperity or poorness. But they are like to have them because they hate people of otherness (who are not like themselves or their pets). Of course, there is no anything shameful or disrespectful in keeping and loving pets. And nothing shameful about being loyal to other people who are like them. But it is an unconditional blindness of loyalty, stupidity of your feelings’ sentimentality as the obstacles to become real – mature adults. It is the very ties to the wrong (aggressive, insulting, hateful and murderous) people as buddies the problem – a vice of the choosing the rude and disrespectful to others “partners” for hate is the reason for psychological underdevelopment.

It is a mixture between superficial goodness and the essential evil, between confidence and arrogance, when the people cannot differentiate between love and hate as principles of living.

Irresistible Seduction on Part of Trump’s Seeming Sincerity

Trump-cat masterfully connects with his followers sharing the universal human desire to always be sincere and open to them his dilemmas – to show that he and they are equal, on the same leg.

By using pop-humor and sweet wit Trump puts himself in a position of everybody and, in flatteringly it means – in his own position, as if, his following audience consists of his advisers – is – not more-not less, his presidential advisers.

Now, Trump is, as if, sharing with his “friends” his complicated ideas about his triumphant victory over “the always wrong and ridiculous Democrats”

And the final artistic success of Trump’s mastery before the crowds in love with him – he mocks and denounces always laughable and always awkward Democratic politicians while pointing finger at their misery and proneness to betray people’s happiness!