There are 10,000 recruiters across the country working with a $700 million a year advertising budget… you are more likely to see the recruiters in schools where kids have less options after graduation.
“The War in Our Schools”, Z-magazine, June, 2016, by Rory Fanning, p. 17

Recruiters have contact information for every junior and senior. This is the law. “No Child Left behind Act” insists that the school hand over information about every student to the Department of Defense, if it wants to receive federal funds.
“The War in Our Schools”, Ibid, p. 18

We, humans tend to underestimate the intelligence of God. And intelligence as such is in tune with humor and very often irony, because it knows its logically inevitable limits and for this reason is prone to frame itself with embellished borders, humoristic or ironic.

God has to think in a very difficult conditions, when thinking has to proceed not in relatively short moments, like it is the case with His Adams or Eves, but in the widest historical periods which tend to swallow His intuitive inspirations like berries. For Him His own humorous or ironic reactions on His creative achievements are rather routine, like the types of creatures he created and their problems. Even oak or maple leaves become ironic or rat’s tale and zebra’s camouflage, even when we cannot appreciate this aspect of Creation. See for yourselves. Even the most basic and elementary creatures not seen by our human eyes (like bacteria or viruses) are involved in permanent “macro” battles with opposing armies of other bacteria or viruses. Dinosaurs or human bodies are literally made of internal wars between those who live, kill and be killed inside them. Can we be surprised that we ourselves – the inhabitants of the world where we kill and victimized or survive, are no less belligerent than other creatures? Rare creatures among us try to become morally above Creation (and its murderous inside) – above militancy as life’s alphabet. But it’s hellishly difficult, not to say – above human power. We, humans become easily angry and furious and are enraged with a speed of air into and out of our lungs. We are as intolerant as stormy wind or rain. For us to kill other humans with our today’s high-tech weapons is easier than for volcanos and earthquakes. We enjoy (!) torturing other people (remember photos of American soldiers in Iraq). With what ease, readiness and cheery itch (!) we go to new wars. The impression is that our youth is genetically programmed to rival and to fight, not just to quarrel but to clash and resourcefully justify doing so, and to… kill with the feeling of being heroes or to die with the feeling of being gloriously immortal and praised by contemporaries. Democracy tried to soften this part of us, at least rhetorically, but as we see today, it is just a veneer of reality, a kind of a wig on an outdated superstar or cosmetic makeup for the personifications of future social success. More and more people among us are yearning to get the chance to insult, assault and beat up others – they pay for high-tech guns and shooting range with human-like targets and enjoy jokes about shooting at human knee-cups.

It seems that the young people of all nations are genetically programmed (by God’s inspiration) not only be ready to kill, but also be unconditionally obedient to the elder males, especially to the ruling authority and military commanders. They psychologically combine hate (towards dissimilar others) and extreme obedience to leaders (whom they worship). This combination of contradictory features in the young people is a miracle of nature (one of the miracles created by God inside the very nucleus of human nature).

Another God’s miracle (not the last, of course) is matter-of-factness, normalized version of predators-preys’ natural “co-existence” in nature. God not only equipped the predators with very efficient – almost “military” tools for hunting and killing and swallowing the preys, but obviously followed the principle of justice of His own invention – He equally equipped the preys with some abilities to avoid being killed: with knowledge how to hide or run away with some success. Our human ancestors resourcefully joined the natural predators and with arrows, spurs and knife-like instruments provided themselves and their offspring not only food but very soon slaves and so forth, and as people today proudly proclaimed – “conquered the Planet Earth”.

Here God is, as if, saying to Himself – I gave the preys the ability to hide and run – be good at these and other capabilities and then your chances of survival will grow in comparison with the big predatory cats or crocodiles and anacondas, etc., etc. Here God is not just showing his sarcastic humor. Here God is really a joker. It’s not surprising that people are able to shoot children from military helicopters. It seems that the Creator either doesn’t care about His creatures or was not able to make a more just structure of living on our tiny planet. Indeed, even God-genius has drastic limitations of His creative thinking. We, the offshoot of his Adams and Eves are not able to refrain from violence and learn how to live in an interracial and international world peacefully – how to create a language to talk with the dissimilar others on an equal terms, without bribes and ultimatums, without seductions and menaces. Our shameless moral impotence is a legacy of (but, of course, not an excuse for) our Creator’s cynical and miserable humor.

Hans Bellmer, “The Machine Gun-neress in a State of Grace”, 1937

This incredible Bellmer’s construction is not just a parody on human obsession with weapons and on an emancipation of women who try to become as gun-equipped and gun-competent as the best of men. Again we see that exceptional artists are capable not be just critical of the reality but to look into the future of our species – at our today’s life.

Marcel Duchamp, “Paradise”, 1910

It seems, that according to Duchamp God with his supernatural intelligence is not far ahead of what is supposed to be the brains of Adam and Eve. Adam obviously thinks that if he covers his sexual attribute with his palms God will believe that this substantial part of man’s body is not yet assessed by Adam’s mind. But God let’s Adam to fake his innocence rather than to sin in front of His very eyes. Eve is taking her baby out of her primal zone but covering her resourcefulness by turning her back towards god’s eye, while God is already happy that the primordial couple is able to spent at least some time together refraining from intercourse.

Joan Miro, “The Woman”, 1934

Fascist mothers, according to Joan Miro are despotic and scandalous, but screaming and roaring at their children won’t prevent them from becoming fascists. To the contrary they are the future fascists partially because they hate their noisy and bossy mothers.