Such Different Countries As US and Russia, Both Are Turning To the Same Financially Totalitarian Destiny

Economic dogma has taken hold of the public discourse for three decades and has destroyed the critical power of political reason… Political decision has been replaced by techno-linguistic automatisms.
Franco “Bifo” Berardi, (From “The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance”), “Adbusters America”, Nov/Dec 2012

Medical errors have become the leading cause of death to Americans, exceeding heart disease and cancer with over 800,000 deaths per year – or 2,191 deaths per day… Free market medicine, or for-profit care, exacerbates adverse events. For-profit hospitals have 2 to 4 times the medical error rate as not-for-profit facilities. In a meta-review of 15 studies and 26,000 hospitals, for-profits were shown to have shorter lengths of stay and less stuffing, a 6 percent higher mortality rate, 9 percent higher mortality rate in perinatal setting, and fewer skilled staff.
William Charney, “The Carnage Continues, Part 2”, Z-magazine, Sept. 2012

For Russia the transition from one kind of totalitarianism to another is not as dramatic shift as for US is the jump from democracy to totalitarianism. But the parallelism of their common direction is impressive. The reason for this change is the fact of change in the thinking of the ruling elites in both countries which were so different before (totalitarian in Soviet Russia and democratic in US). But in the 21st century the both elites (American and post-Soviet Russian) became extremely insecure and equally concerned about preservation of their social power. Frightened by the growing democracy in their respective countries they started to feverishly calculate how not to lose their privileges, and money power began to be seen as much more effective tool than traditional methods of keeping social control over population. Even the Soviet communist elite before the 1990s was impressed by the efficiency of money power in US in comparison with the power of communist ideology in USSR, but in the 21st century both the Russian and American leadership unambiguously embraced money power as the only reliable tool able to help them not to disappear in the waves of spontaneous pluralistic democracy.

For Russian post-communist elite to come to money power in comparison with ideological power is just a change in strategy of ruling, while for American elite to come from democratic ideas to that of financial power is change in principles. For American financial leadership – the very democracy became the problem. And this is true not only for the conservative leadership whose corporate orientation is overt, but for many democrats by worldviews who started to worry about their chances to stay among the financial elite if further democratization in US will continue.

For the members of the American financial elite in the 21st century democracy started to look “too expensive” – human life, health and education demand investments. Rich entrepreneurs and financial schemers love to have tax-payers’ money for their financial games, but democracy is too extensive – future generations need more and more money that American wealthy need for their profit-making. Rich intensify the pressures on the democratic government which include legalized forms of bribery of the elected officials. Conservative politicians have enthusiastically united with the rich “benefactors”, and democrats are checkmated into compliance out of the fear of being left without money (from rich donors) to run for political office or fund their re-election campaigns. Very soon not only Republicans but Democrats too became tamed by money which is basically taxpayers‘, but has been transferred to the pockets of the rich through endless governmental subsidies, loopholes and bale-outs.

Humanism as a part and parcel of a democratic life is more and more perceived by the wealthy, neo-conservative politicians and the right wing hate-show hosts – as a “luxury“: as too burdensome obligation, as an obstacle for “harvesting profits”. To handle a culturally illiterate population is easy. Using populist slogans (the flattery of the electorate) is the surest way to arouse the enthusiasm of the masses. Money is stronger than truth for those who are addicted to beliefs. The alliance of money in the hands of the elite and the cultural illiteracy of the majority can transform a democracy into a totalitarian system.

Russia’ post-communist oligarchy has grown on unpaid (stolen) taxes. Russian oligarchs of today are the same predatory types as the Soviet communists were before them. But the differences between them illustrate an important difference between ideological and financial powers. Ideological power subdues directly – it forces people to believe in a mandatory belief, it puts this belief as a condition for people’s material prosperity and career. But financial power is a trickier (a post-modern phenomenon) – it as if leaves people alone, but step by step it suffocates them by “austerity measures” and “shock therapies”.

By inexhaustible financing the political propaganda the wealthy in US and Russia have created an international cult of the money-makers as the new planetary royalty. The godly pretentions of wealth over the minds and hearts, its cultural and existential despotism – intolerance towards disloyalty, make the financial power a new totalitarian leader, a new Stalin in Russia and the first one in US.