The Obvious And Not So Obvious Angels, Spirits, Presences and Beings Without Which We cannot live

Mother for baby is such a protective and life-enhancing Presence (the difference between the presence nearby of a regular object and Presence of a super-object is that the latter we feel as presence around us, not just nearby). It is how mother is for the baby. Literal Gods and Angels are the same kind of Essences for believers in gods and angels. Our ideas and Images of “our” Religion, Nation, State, Country, Land/Soil, Political System, Belief System, World View, Authority Figures we admire and in whose protection we believe – all these for our unconscious and/or consciousness are angelic Presences without which it is impossible for us to live with taste for life and desire to live. The difference between people with conservative sensibility and democratic sensibility is exactly the question of fixation on angelic Presences.

It is possible and very important to be able to live without the angelic Presences but there is only one path leading to this, and this path is as boringly difficult as it’s mercilessly long. It is tormenting, traumatizing and humiliating – it is a lifelong humanistic education (studying not only facts but the mechanisms of human feelings and systems of social relationships). Putting aside informational and operational aspects of humanistic education, what is important for being able of getting out of the spell of our idyllic idols is the endless routs of our cognitive working with information – of deploying our passion to the informed thinking. Through humanistic education our existential experience expands and we learn to identify with the dissimilar others.

The necessity to liberate ourselves from our idealized Idols is that their help is not disinterested. Until we are under the benevolent power of these Angelic Helpers we need to defend them from other people who have their own Benevolent Spirits and believe in them as we believe in ours. It is not too difficult to understand that this situation means endless clashes and wars that, indeed, is a permanent feature of human history with all our “spirituality” and all our “idealism” and, in reality, exactly because of it. But why should the Presence of Spiritual Benefactors in our lives inevitably mean fight with other people’s Spiritual Benefactors? Why not to let us continue to use the generous help offered to us while letting others to continue to use their protectors? Isn’t it true that the more Protectors we all have the better off we all can be?

To explain why the very presence of our High Protectors means spiritual rivalry, competition, clash, fight and wars, we have to step into the psychology of idolatry and fetishism. Feeling under a supreme Protection puts us in a mode of being in rapport with the Protector, in communication with it – to effectively signal the danger if and when it occurs. Practically it means that we don’t develop enough our own intelligence that could be focused on prevention of dangers (on understand their nature, dynamism and etiology). We disarm our intellectual and spiritual resources and as a result we are too late to be able to (rationally) prevent conflicts. The habit of relying on Magic Helpers is connected with our proclivity to use armed forces instead of preventively concentrating on future conflicts. It is, as if, we wait until our Spiritual protectors will defend us – when conflict is already a reality and we already are busy mobilizing ourselves for self-defense or for preventive attack. With thousands and thousands of years this postponement to act until the action can be only in a form of war became a typical way to react. Our magic helpers’ protection means protection during conflict, not before when conflict is still in preparation. To be helped by our “angels” means to believe that we’ll be helped when fight will start and that “we will win”. Magic help almost always means for us winning fight, not preventing it.

Relying on superior intelligence we don’t try to develop our own to be able to foresee the violent conflicts and to prevent them. It is, as if, our Magic Helpers wants us to win only through violence – only by high price. The situation is that we invent new weapon systems to help our Helpers to help us. By believing in them we are forever stuck in military paradigm of ‘conflict resolution”. It makes us retarded in our capability to prevent military conflicts with other groups – we can react only through our technical intelligence, not with our human intelligence (reserved for sustaining our attunement to our Magic Helpers). That‘s why the latest/most up to date, most destructive military technology and more absurd economic behavior are the best we can do, instead of becoming more reasonable as human beings. For the mortals to mess with super-human powers is dangerous and impractical. We pay for super-protection with our own underdevelopment and, therefore, with our inability to prevent our destruction as a specie. The more we believe that we are super-protected by Higher powers, the closer we are to total destruction.