For Today’s Wealthy We, the Regular People, Are Superfluous (We’re Of No Use to Them Anymore)

In the United States, an estimated 58 percent of the U.S. government’s discretionary tax dollars go to war and preparation for war… yes, military expenditures by China and Russia increased in 2011. Even so… the United States spent about five times as much as China (the world’s number two military power) and ten times as much as Russia (the world’s number three military power) on its military forces during 2011.
Lawrence S. Wittner, “The Shame of Nations…” Z-Magazine, June 2012, p. 9

… Over $60 billion in transactions between several US arms contractors and the Saudi Arabia… besides upgrades to F-15S fighters in the Royal Saudi Air Force, the proposal foresees approving sales of small arms, missile launchers, and detection equipment, plus the following items: 84 F–15SA aircrafts, 190 military helicopters, 12,667 missiles, 18,350 bombs, 100 JDAM kits… Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Alexander Vershbow adds that the sale would make Saudi forces “more interoperable” with US-supplied forces in the region…
Anthony Newkirk, “’Soft Power’ in the Middle East”, Z-Magazine, Oct. 2011, p. 34

What many of us, 99%, try not to concentrate on – it’s that our financial rulers and deciders enlarge the military budget not because of us and our country. Their goal is not to protect us, the American people. They need a super-strong military force to protect themselves from those whom they attack first. If it could be up to us, the 99%, we could balance the money going for our military needs with our other needs – our medical services, our support for our elders, education for our children, etc. But the 1% already has these things guaranteed forever (no austerity here), so, they can afford to put more and more of our money for their military needs. If it could be up to us, we could expect our elected representatives to rely more on diplomacy than on war, to be better negotiators, to become more creative thinkers, etc. But one-percenters don’t need negotiations, intense thinking and compromises – they can afford to dictate other countries their conditions (we pay for military forces that serve their interests, not ours). Our sons and daughters serving in the arm forces – die and become crippled because of the 1%’s frivolous ideas about forcing, like tyrannosauruses, their way into the world in order to become even wealthier and mightier than they already are.

Why are the one-percenters like this? Because they want to be in charge of life on the planet – they calculate their power geo-politically, globally, on the universal scale. As it’s typical for people without spirituality – their interests are completely horizontal, flat and socio-morphic. Because they now get more and more of our money, they are able to employ a very special bunch – apparatchiks, in whom the bureaucrat, the manipulator and the psychological killer support one another. These people without humanistic education (or with some they never taken seriously), with low level of emotional intelligence, and with a purely technical/instrumental intellectual function are psychologically robots, they are ready to survive through direct subduing and destroying somebody else. They are carriers of an extremely hierarchical – anti-democratic orientation.

Apparatchiks are psychologically brothers of the functionaries of Stalin’s purges in the late 30s and early 50s and Soviet KGB agents, and they are completely different from American FBI agents of democratic period, who were much more rational, reasonable and professional. Among apparatchiks – “tea-party” governors, policemen using crippling sprays, batons and projectiles with chemical irritants against peaceful demonstrators, and the right-wing talk show hosts and conservative politicians licking and sucking money while insulting and tormenting their political opponents.

One-percenters need apparatchiks, policemen and soldiers like Stalinist Communist party needed them for the same reason of getting more and more power and becoming more and more on top of everybody. Without the fighters with psychological armor and physical weapons the top 1% cannot subdue democracy which they less and less are able to tolerate because in democracy people share power instead of fighting for their own.

What one-percenters really want from us is our… disappearance – with our need for jobs, our health problems and illnesses, with our educational and recreational needs, with our unions and workers rights, with our American salaries, democratic pensions, benefits and our democracy itself. They consider us as obstacle for becoming as rich as “impossible” in order to put whole world under their despotism. They want the remnants of our money to achieve this goal. They want to reduce/eliminate our medical services – for us to die earlier, as a matter of fact, as early as possible, the earlier the better. They want our children to lose education to be transformed into slaves who will be happy to work for a Third world wages or, even better, for food and roof. They want us to dive into dumpsters and lose any desire to live. Today, more of us and our children live in shelters and stand in line in food banks.

They want us to die by the billions and to leave the Earth for them. They know perfectly well what scientists say about sustainability/unsustainability of the eco-system, about overpopulation and exhaustion of resources, and they dream of… getting rid of 5/6 billion of the “superfluous” people. They really think that it is not only the best, but the only solution (they perceive us like fishermen perceive bears who eat the salmon). The more of 99% will die, the easier it will be for our financial elite to become unconditional masters of the planet. Democracy (oriented on people’s prosperity) is one-percenters’ the ultimate enemy. According to democracy, every born child deserves decent life and education, and every working person has a right to participate in co-deciding the conditions of work. But, according to the financial elite – if democracy (and the mass prosperity it has created) will continue it will bring the collapse of the eco-system. They don’t want to share with us their wealth (based on our hard work). They don’t want to “waste on us” the technological and scientific resources of the humankind. They want it for themselves. They don’t want us to eat and grow, to live and to make love and to have children (that’s the reason they want to reduce and, finally, to eliminate food stamps and get rid of children from poor families through privatization of schools).

Like Stalin sacrificed millions of lives for the sake of the power of the Communist elite, today’s financial elitists want to sacrifice us for the sake of advancing their wealth and power. According to them, the money ogres, we are tiny as insects and weak as worms. They will do everything to make us clear the place clean from ourselves – leaving it for them. As we understand through observing history, god will not intervene to protect us.