President wearing the same expression he normally keeps in the bottom desk drawer for Bill O’Reily interviews.
Will Durst, “Obama’s Fifty Shades of Cool”, “The Progressive”, May 2014, p. 39

President Obama has nominated a right-wing judge to a lifetime appointment. He cut a deal with Georgia’s two Republican senators to nominate Michael Boggs – a right-wing activist judge who is anti-choice, anti-civil rights and anti-marriage equality – in exchange for those two senators dropping their opposition to other nominees.
Chris Bowers, Daily Kos, May 15

Some democrats who heard in news overly polished mediocre clichés President Obama engraves on the skies of the international scene, are saying that for them “it’s enough”, that their belief in the genuineness of this positive thinker, homuncular humanist and soft-ware moralist is irretrievably shattered. Some even said that they are ashamed to belong to the same political party as a President who “betrays the democratic cause for the sake of loyalty to the strong and rich people”. Of course, behind this loyalty to those who are capable of pressuring you to act against your own understanding lies another – deeper loyalty: to the superior power of your country over all other countries, more important than dedication to the ideals of democratic and humanistic principles, of collaboration and peace, of honesty and truth vs. propaganda and manipulation, of real – two-sided compromise as a working principle of political collaboration.

This kind of disappointment in a Democratic President who is locked in a minefield of today’s American politics created by the right-wing politicians, and had to become a virtuoso dancer not only in between but with fatal dangers, although reflects some sad facts about Obama’s transformation into an impeccably talking balloon, shrinking amidst the air, has a strong scapegoating component. Obama is not an independent commentator. He is elected to work with the various groups of people, and it is not his guilt that among them the richest and strongest are the most influential, demanding and dictating. A person belonging to the Executive Branch of Government cannot change the situation that has developed for many years – some segments of society are much more influential than others. Many people have the right to disagree with it, but Obama cannot base his actions on this floating disagreement, as soon as it is not supported by people’s massive action. To expect from Obama an Archangel’s power is irresponsible and vain belief that someone can do the job, which can only be done by the mass effort of American people. In a country where money is legally part of the political process, hoping that it’s possible not to be influenced by rich donations of the rich donors is a perniciously childish utopia – a meaningless waste of historical time.

Obama cannot challenge the system as Christ did. He is not a completely free person – he is limited by the rules and rituals his official position is a part of. Let’s not forget that Obama is under permanent menace from the neo-cons who night and day occupied with accumulating reasons for his impeachment. We remember what they did to Bill Clinton – transformed him into a clownish clone of himself – the smile and gestures are the same but behind it is a traumatized kitten. It’s not surprising that Obama, blocked by the Republican politicians and their mighty money-oiled propaganda machine, is desperately trying to impress the Military-Industrial Complex and the starry generals with his pro-drone policies and the commanding language when addressing the rulers of other countries. His hands and legs tied on the national front by the extremist neo-con opposition and the only way for him to act as a President is on the international space – globally, and we know what it means today: to act in agreement with the global corporations whose decision-makers identify their own private interests with that of US as a country. Obama is trying while his soul is crying and his heart is praying, while people are watching baseball and football, enjoying pop-music super-stars, consuming Hollywood and TV entertainment and on holidays hire fossil fuel (while being theoretically for clean energy) to fly to share with their old parents their respectable social image. Also, let’s not forget that Bush Junior in today’s situation with Iran, Syria or Ukraine would have already bombed, invaded and killed civilians.

Obama cannot singlehandedly “change our country”. Who can? Should he become a martyr and sacrifice himself? Could you in a situation of a catastrophic unemployment allow yourself criticism of your boss, of your working conditions, of your job description? Could you demand to allow people’s participation in the decision making of how, for example, technical science is used? I couldn’t, and nor would you. So, at least, let’s be compassionate to the one who had to transform himself to a robot while attempting, for the sake of the American people, to save something from the greasy dinner table of growling and barking profit-predators and trying to compromise with the monarchy of self-enrichment by any price, and who can be removed from the White House, if the diamond dream of neo-cons will be fulfilled, among the sliced silence of the people.