Fear is a spontaneously activated reflexive attempt at self-protection, more exactly, a feeling of being self-protected. When we get this feeling we are prone to feel, at least partially invincible. Of course, this is an illusion, but illusions can temporarily help. But how exactly does illusion provide release from fear?

God, as we believe and expect (while adulating Him as much as possible), is able to protect humans whom He chooses to protect. But God sometimes helps you, but sometimes not. God helps some people but not others. And His estimations – who should be helped and who shouldn’t are too complicated for us. We try to work very hard to look OK in God’s eyes, but He has His own reasoning for everything. So, in reality whether we are protected by Him or not is for us an unsolvable issue. Anyway, wars between Christian nations (like WWI) or predatory wars (WWII) or numerous colonial wars are examples of God’s distance.

You can bet we have what to be afraid of – mainly (but not always) it is other human beings (“including ourselves” when we don’t understand ourselves). And we are trying to be alert and stronger than others.

The following is a semi-unconscious/semi-conscious “strategies” people use to help themselves to become less frightened by and less afraid of life, living and otherness of the others.

Some people tend to hide behind another people similar with us – behind the masses we are part of. Soldiers, for example, often say solemnly “our army, our military force!”, while the citizens – “our great country!”, “We, United States of America!” or “We, Americans!” When people don’t feel themselves alone they feel themselves stronger and more confident. Then they are ready to take the initiatives and risks and even feel generally more energetic.

People often laugh at those who repeat “I!, I!, I!, but to repeat “we are stronger, we are smarter, we are better” than “they” can be even more laughable – even more psychologically cowardly. Naturally, if thousands of people are sharing identity with one another as members of “us” they can be stronger than a single person – millions of muscles (or guns) is much more power than a single body! And then one feels yourselves victorious without victory! People love groups with similar worldviews and tastes. The image of a crowd of similar people transfers group into victory!

Another impulsive strategy of making yourselves bigger and stronger is to believe that you personally already are stronger and even mentally more sophisticated than others. Many people not only imagine yourself smarter, than they are, but train themselves to become intellectually stronger than they were before. For this reason various countries try to teach and develop populations by technical education and they often forget that it’s not enough to be technically educated and manipulate tools and machines and through them the environment – but that existential intuitive mind is also very important for people not only to feel mentally stronger, but to actually be so in real situations. Without the humanistic education (liberal arts) people’s intuition will not be able to use human anthropological legacy to live. Between technical training and fake smartness (persuading yourselves that you are smarter than you are) should be the point of real, human, not just technical intelligence.

Some people use both – self-aggrandizement and in the same time identification with group/s of similar people to feel themselves “upgraded” personally and gain extra-strength and artificial super-confidence. Some political leaders are like this – they hide their personal cowardice behind a collective ego and bombastic braggadocio and at the same time advertise their own personal greatness. They are hiding not only behind their own aggrandized image and not only behind quantitative exuberance of a collective will and power, but behind some strong authoritative personality – a super-person whose opinions become a guidance for regular folks. The “ultimate” authority of this super-person justifies people’s prejudices and errors and satisfies their aspirations and expectations.

And finally – on the very bottom of the psychologically cowardly people are not those who rely on their own elevated by themselves exceptional personality and not crowd of those whose power comes when they identify with one another and even not those who look for a leader to follow his authority without forming their own ideas and opinions about life, but those who hide behind… inanimate objects. It is first of all the people who idolize “guns” to destroy and kill those who are differ in their opinions about life from the gun people or “gunple”.

But there are also those who worship money/profit. These are the people who believe that money in one’s possession is the best gun in the world, because it is providing the ultimate, the most radical protection against life’s uncertainties and dissimilar – frightening people. Like the gun worshippers use several guns to cover their bodies because without this defense they cannot eat, sleep, rest, be outside or sit at home or in the movie theater or listen pop-music or take shower – the money-worshippers expect their money to handle everything, because they think that money soon will be able to provide technological super-medical immortality, not just protection. Money in the form of profit is not only radical protection – it is a rocket that will take the wealthy guys from the intra-planetary life to the cosmos of eternal life. Moneys are angel’s wings, the medicine curing malignant mortality, Olympus where old gods will meet new ones (who are full of golden banknotes) as their young friends. Absolute wealth is more than immortality. It is precious addition to immortality, its luxury. Immortality without luxury is only a part of Universe’ perfection. New – American gods – these “trillioners”, more – zillionaires who will enrich the traditional gods with new extra-money! Enrich and patronize, patronize and enslave! And make old gods sing our American hymn!