The predatory mind at best can only tolerate applied science – the one which can help the decision-makers to multiply their profits and power without grasping that applied research can exist only on the basis of the implicit – pure and disinterested science.

Science is a combination of facts with their verification, studying and interpretation (not without permanent critical self-analysis of the very process of thinking on the part of scientists) leading to their understanding. For the scientific minds (opposite of predatory ones) facts are a sacred reality belonging to the very structure of the world including our environment and us ourselves. The difference between scientific minds and predatory ones is that the former are respectful of facts, while the latter rush to exploit them for impatient profits. The scientists are intellectually pious before the world, while the predatory people are driven to dominate the world, nature and ordinary human beings.

Scientists try to understand the sacred world – for them to study reality is a refined form of worship, in which intellectual process is paired with emotional love for the mysteries they try to unweave. But for today’s neo-cons “understanding” of facts is done by intuitive guesses, just by believing that their impressions from the world are right because they personally are “very smart” and because their ideas confirm for them the wisdom of their predatory – appropriative orientation. Being without humility in front of the complicated nature of the world, predatory mind doesn’t have the time to verify facts and intellectually control what it “thinks”. It behaves with the world with vulgar familiarity. It acts instead of thinking – it’s like a general commanding its own and other people’s bodies.

It’s not surprising that neocons are incapable of understanding facts and proofs of the phenomenon of global warming (GW). But it will be simplistic to think that they are refusing to accept the dangers of GW because to accept it means to lose their profit from, for example, fossil fuels. Of course, they’re in panic of losing their profits (what are they without profits? Just prefixes without words or lower than the low and emptier than emptiness). But being phobic about their inability to grow wealth and about losing what they already accumulate is the basic reason why they cannot even imagine to think like scientists – their minds are so crude and their souls so frightened that for them it’s psychologically impossible to appreciate the seriousness of scientific intellectual procedures, like verification of facts or strict analysis of one’s own thinking and conclusions. Serious thinking for neo-cons is humiliating and traumatic – they permanently need to feed themselves with easy success and sleazy victories. That’s why they corrupted everybody with super-duper consumerism and appealing flattery entertainment.

The very fact that for these post-modern primitives not only the dangers of GW are not real, but that the very idea of GW creates in them paranoid fury is a confirmation that for them living exclusively by calculating and appropriating money/profit is practically the only reality while scientific thinking is more than suspicious.

These people dressed in power operate with magic distortion of various facets of reality. Take, for example, the childish absurdity of their statements that investing money into political candidates is a form of freedom of speech or that “corporations are people” and have a right to have human (individual) rights (that not only private moneys to politicians are a freedom of speech, but corporate money also), or that the more high-tech weapons are in private hands the safer will be we, Americans. You can easily add to these examples of abysmal scientific illiteracy many more profit-worshipper’s exemplary beliefs and “sayings”.

It’s not enough to teach science and arts on college level – free to everybody in US, but teachers should feel free to explain to their students how politico-economic determinations can distort the very perception of science and arts, how propagandized through mass-media values of extra-consumption and super-entertainment distract people from cathecting disinterested (not based on obsessive-compulsive calculation of the personal advantage) thinking about life.