The sphere of objectified knowledge has been enormously enhanced, while available time for conscious elaboration has inversely decreased… This double dynamics has provoked an explosion of unawareness… The critical mind is unable to function in conditions of info-nervous saturation, while the rate of education and its quality have fallen and deteriorated… What takes place is actual darkening of the social mind, the decay of human rationality…
Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, “The Second Coming”, 2019, p. 13, 19, 114

Trade wars are the stuff real wars are made of…
Slavoj Zizek, “Trump’s Conflict with China is a genuine war”, August 10, 2019

Digital introduction of the film’s characters

Why to introduce the characters of the film to viewers in a digital form? May be, because it’s emphasizing the instrumental, mechanical character of the human life in our time? When the emotional breath of the human soul disappears under the burden of mental calculations, people start to behave like robots – they don’t know what to do except to act according to mechanical logic of necessity, although this only deepens their blind dependence and general chaos and creates the illusion that everything is continuing – is moving along while nobody knows why, how and where to. What in digital system is an automatic order, in life is its opposite, but we don’t know, in what kind of opposite we are find ourselves locked.

Extra- multibillionaire with financially geopolitical interests

The incarnation of P.J. Lurz from Texas in his German office.

“Close-up” of the mighty international mogul – you don’t need a human face when you are getting instead the banknote of the trillion dollars value – that’s why P.J. Lurz came to Berlin.

Multi-billionaire’s pragmatic wisdom

Versatility of P.J. Lurz’ intellectual competence is impressive

The multi-billionaire can talk about any subject

During a pop-carnival revelous “duel” between P.J. Lurz and his secretary (one of the leading figures in the terrorist organization) is represented in a curious way – “the first strike” is by the billionaire using a toy (noisemaker blowout) in her direction, while she behaves, as if, she is impulsively afraid of his toy. The billionaire here obviously dominates the terrorist. It looks like Lurz is provoking the terrorist group to act. But what is connoted by and so powerful in and dangerous with his plastic parper toy? It is the billionaire’s money which is his superweapon. We see that to provoke the terrorists to act is the very function of Lurz’ big money which can kill you, make you immortal or help you to kill others.

Everyday life of a revolutionary-terrorist organization

What we see here is not a terrorist act, but a prosaic bank robbery by a terrorist group, which is in a banal need of money. The person who happens to be an obvious victim is the husband of one of the terrorists (Pietra Vielhaber – Margit Carstensen) who resourcefully uses the situation to get rid of the man she hates already for several years.

Professional murderer hired by the terrorist group (Paul – Raoul Gimenez) demands from his temporary landlady (member of the group) – a college professor and an intellectual – to be his mistress. He became like a bone stuck in the very throat of her very life, but when he was murdered by the secret police, she felt his… common humanity and cried (Fassbinder’s lesson to the personage of his own film).

The abandoned desk of the rebellious group includes traces of “political pondering” (disordered chess figures), chaotic banknotes in a creative disorder and a trivial pack of cigarettes

Ilse Hoffmann (Y Sa Lo), domestic and bodily presence in the group, is dramatically overdosed on drugs and soon will die.

Carnivalesque event in all its cathartic irresistibility and as an underground political demarche

P.J. Lurz’s secretary Susanne Gast during the carnival which masks the fact of kidnapping him, was very playful – maneuvering and inexhaustible, like children playing war games

Carnival is moving towards its culmination, and a person in a transvestite outfit is the leader of the plot to kidnap the mighty billionaire while using the chaotic and cheerful atmosphere.

Edgar Gast (Udo Kier) – the commander of the terrorist group who appreciates the kidnapped billionaire’s collaboration, is blackmailing the German government to exchange Lurz’s life for governmental acceptance of the group’s demands. Of course, the terrorists we see in the film are middle class people, lazy and disoriented by general chaos. They like to think of themselves as romantic fighters, but until the secret police hadn’t murder one of their members, their rebellious orientation moved according to verbal channels of their chats with one another.

While the carnival with blackmail extends itself into the next days…

… The multibillionaire behaves with an amazing courage by joining the terrorists in asking the government to trade him in exchange for accepting their demands. In the film, by the way, we never hear any demands which, probably, disappeared in the general confusion of life.

In this shot we see them all – P.J Lurz in the background, Suzanne Gast (Hanna Schygulla) and her husband Edgar Gast (Udo Kier) as a couple, Rudolf Mann (Harry Baer) with his back to viewers and between the spouses Hilde Krieger (Bulle Ogier – the college professor). They all look like wax-figures.

The super-businessman and virtuoso financial dealmaker looks human only on the TV screen, but in actual life he more and more looks like stuffed doll.


Only after the end of the film – only step by step the viewers gave a chance to understand, that the ultimate reason of the preventive counter-measures against the danger of terrorist attack and ultimately this very attack (kidnapping Lurz) is the existence and actions of the self-sacrificial billionaire himself – his masterful staging of the conflict between German government and terrorists with a purpose of making a grand and crown sell.

This statement belongs as a joke to the Berlin Police Chief (Hark Bohm). In other words, it is big money that creates the geopolitical conflicts between Western democracies and terrorists who started to try to undermine them.