Grateful for President Trump’s easy tongue we got very important information about Adam Schiff, the Chairman of Intelligence Committee who is leading the impeachment inquiry. In one of his recent rallies President who is generally prone to use canards is mentioned Schiff’s “un-athleticism” and his “small neck” among other pearls of knowledge. These drops of scholarly intelligence are quickly becoming a very valuable information for many Trump’s admirers.

When the Republican Representatives or councils are interrogating the witnesses they pronounced their words very rapidly, probably because they‘re rushing to assert their positions and ideas before they start to question the witnesses. And even when they do, they are all the time interrupting those who have answering, inserting their own speech inside the answers of witnesses and often even interrupting themselves. Besides, their own verbalizations are full of juicy emotions and intonations that express obvious suspicion, skepticism, irritation, mocking and irony. But when Adam Schiff starts to talk we feel fresh air around – we are able to hear articulation of meaning. Semantic clearness makes heavy hints and greasy equivoques of Republicans to disappear. Mr. Schiff’s speech is clean, ideas are clear and so the essence of what he is saying regardless of your agreement or disagreement.

Why is there such a difference in the very manner of talking in public on part of Adam Schiff (and to a substantial degree of the other democratic congressmen and the witnesses) in comparison with the emotionally stressed logic and grimaces of the Republican Congressmen?

Just imagine – Representative Adam Schiff is like the first man on Earth. How much the first Adam saw, how much he had to notice! How much he was able to remember! To understand! After Trump’s jokes about Schiff we (watching the hearings on TV) noticed something about Schiff’s eyes which are able to look and to see so much without turning them away from the unbearable things before him – the truth of the evil some people carry inside – the cruelty, greed, hate, belligerency, dishonesty, indifference for other people, etc.

We thank Adam Schiff not only for his intellectual tirelessness, but for being strong morally and emotionally and for being an exemplary American politician in any circumstances.