Trump, probably, doesn’t even know the great American tradition of recognizing the White House as the people’s house and a place where the President resides only do to the generosity, gratitude and respect of the American people. By isolating the White House from the people Trump forgets that he is living there temporary, that the House is not his property. His hatred for people who are free to have critical opinions about him is the drastic inadequacy of previous President and one of the reasons for his failure of handling Covid-19 pandemic (with his shocking statements “it is what it is” and “the virus will go away by itself”, while 250,000 Americans have died from the pandemics.

For Americans to see the White House secured from them by the layers of fences is bitterly insulting. It’s like Presidential spit at them.

Some come to the White House because they are worried and afraid and hope to get more courage by being near the place they expect will be encouraging them.

As if it is not enough to see armed police and guards with high-tech machineguns on American streets – now people see around the people’s House multilayered walls and heavy iron fences.

We see here the American people isolated from the White House with multiple fences by the order of the previous President “making America great again”.