Who Is Psychologically this Newly Elected Neo-Republican Governor of Wisconsin?

“What symptoms lead to someone being classified a psychopath? A lack of empathy, guilt and remorse; callousness, impulsivity, promiscuity, hot-headedness and pathological lying… Most psychopaths have glibness and a superficial charm to them… Many psychopaths are not necessary violent , but are leading very disruptive lives in the sense that they are getting involved in shady business deals, moving from job to job, or relationship to relationship, always using resources everywhere they go but never contributing. Such people inevitably leave a path of confusion, and often destruction behind them.” (“Portrait of the Psychopathic Brain”, New Scientist, 19 February 2011, p. 32 – 33)

When they came for the trade unionists I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for liberals, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a liberal. Then they came for the intellectuals, and I didn’t speak out because, luckily, I am not an intellectual. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.
Paraphrase of Martin Niemoller

The new governor is not a politician in a traditional – democratic sense. “Negotiation”, “compromise” or any participatory format of decision-making are too much for him – he doesn’t have the psychological authority, verbal skills or cultural competence to look solid and be impressive in this situation. As a typical authoritarian person he feels and looks okay only when he “informs” the world about his decisions (when he gives commands). For his inability to be a democratic leader he needs to compensate by being despotically dogmatic, a loyal operative of the agenda he serves. For him (as for other neo-Republicans elected in the Nov.2010) only his side’s points are legitimate, for him the opposing political opinion is something like Osama Ben Laden’s speech – his soul doesn’t differentiate between the one who disagrees with him on issues and the enemy. In this he is not even a typical totalitarian person – he is psychologically like the Stalin’s KGB agents were in Soviet Russia of 30s – early 50s, who felt themselves as the liberators of “the first country of justice and humanism” against the “mildew of anticommunism”.

As a political functionary he is what American politologists specializing on Soviet Russia call “apparatchik” – a screw in the political apparatus, a person belonging to the group for which the political agenda is like a religious dogma. These people feel that they have to march on ahead with their agenda like a religious crusader follows its passion to crush the infidels. In their mind and unconscious they are singularly connected with the truth, and they feel that they are confronted with a world full of animosity towards this objective truth and that their high mission is to protect it from the enemies. This sort of people cannot and will not be sensitive to the quantity of demonstrators on the streets “sloganeering their wrong causes and subversive opinions”. The Scotts Walkers of the world are like Lenin and Stalin who put their political goals before and above everybody and everything. They are self-sacrificial soldiers of their dogmatic agenda, the robots of their mission. And they are nothing more than this, but nothing less either. They are bureaucrats of their ideas, slaves of their beliefs. For them other people are always of a subhuman status.

These “self-chosen history makers” always act mindlessly – they are not capable of taking into consideration concrete situations (including other people’s reactions). They are too autistic to be capable of doing this. They are completely locked into their own (their referent group’s) emotions, ideas and goals. That’s why people like Stalin couldn’t rely on any situational uncertainty – he had to over-control, over-manipulate and over-intimidate to guarantee that his way will go through and he will be absolutely and unconditionally victorious. Despotism of behavior is a result of fear of uncertain situations inseparable from the functioning of democracy. These people are against the free market (they are for monopolistic control over markets) and against democracy because both include element of (open-ended) uncertainty that cannot be separated from a healthy competition between goods and ideas. By the same reason they feel uncomfortable with science and are prone to under-finance and over-regulate it. They have to dominate over the market and people’s opinions like communist leaders did in Soviet Union.

These creatures cannot be impressed by democratic rituals and rights! They don’t care! They have more important things to do – to try to realize their punishing people agenda. You can win over fascism only by readiness for a protracted fight and deep and tormenting sacrifices.