The Power of the Imposture: the Erosion of the Socio-cultural Ideal from Inside is Stronger than Attacks Upon it from Outside

The armies of the enemies can destroy religious and moral ideals (together with political and socio-cultural organism build around it). But very often the collective ideals are destroyed by much more horrifying weapon system than the ones used in wars. This lethal weapon system is an imposture – the destruction of the moral and socio-cultural ideal (MSCI) not by its obvious enemies, but by its adepts, promoters and worshippers.

Impostors are stronger than enemies. Enemies are obvious enemies while impostors are enemies whom not only nobody expects to be inside the citadel but who themselves don’t know that they are real enemies. Impostors destroy what they are sincerely dedicated to. Sincere dedication to MSCI destroys it more effectively than open animosity. How can this be? It is like sincere love in some people can do more harm to the object of love than in other people hate to the object of their hate. Impostors in relation to MSCI are like destructive lovers.

What makes this seeming paradox possible is that in the majority of people their destructive tendencies are not detected by their consciousness. These people naively embellish (sterilize and aromatize) their self-image because their mental ability to get at the truth about themselves was systematically hurt in their childhood and is drastically underdeveloped (the reason is parental and societal moralistic pressure and disciplinarian accent in the relations between parental figures and the young generation, which make children to “fake” goodness in front of authorities). Children’s moral fakery is pre-moral – it is impulsive and “sincere” and is based on mental inability to emotionally differentiate between truth and its fabrication: to save themselves from rage of the authoritarian adult is for children much more important than to be dedicated to “truth” that is for them a pure abstraction. The equivalent of children’s “sincere lie” is the “adult children’s” (adults with infantile souls) proclivity to justify their immoral or criminal behaviors through “intellectual tricks”, like, for example, the necessity to defend moral and socio-cultural ideal (MSCI) by violating its maxims.

This situation of non-differentiation between truth and lie (as a result of the infantilism of the soul and by intellectual trickery that covers it up) is very dangerous – the fake carriers of goodness create much more evil than self-conscious (dedicated) evil-doers. The moral impostors innocently create evil in the name of defending and disseminating the good.

Human psyche is multilayered and a complicated machine and human thinking is magnificently tricky. It wouldn’t be absurd to think that humans are very often smarter than their Gods. For example, God-the Creator knew that humans are prone to kill other humans. So, he pompously pronounced “Thou shall not kill!”, but mortals outsmarted God and continue to indulge themselves in even mass murders in a condition that their targets are people of other religion, political system or nation/country or even people of your own kind who from the murderer’s point of view are not patriotic, religious and moral enough, under the guidance and applause of the clergy. History knows endless examples of how people fool God and their own moral values!

Creating evil in the name of good is one of the basic human archetypes (and evidence how humans continue to be Darwinesquely human in spite of the Commandments or Christ’s teachings about the wisdom and grace of love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, etc.) Today, humankind has become so sophisticated in a tricky way that nobody creates evil for evil’s sake – so perfectly we humans are adapted to God, Christ and secular humanism’s moral ideals without changing anything in our behavior. To really hear what Gods say and behave morally is almost an impossible task for human beings, but to be considered moral because your immoral actions are deployed for the sake of moral goal is a cognitive virtuosity. It is a brilliant trick that the human mind has managed to invent and continues to reinvent – to have it in both ways: to be moral and to be immoral at the same time.

From this impressive ability of humans to keep their Darwinesque nature intact while creating in front of their conscience and each other the impression that they follow Gods’ will – the modern civilization, today’s science and technology, and the lofty democratic ideas were born. People who act immorally for the sake of the good became more influential and admired. Moral leaders with immoral behavior are enthusiastically supported because the masses like to identify with the good intentions without paying much attention to the facts of behavior. That’s how Christianity was established in the name of Christ but in contradiction with Christ’s most innovative and profound ideas. Christ’s new and revolutionary teaching became the content of Christian slogans while the factual behavior of many Christians is traditional hateful/murderous/torturing behavior toward those who are named as the enemies of “our faith”. Christ’s words were liberating, church became authoritarian, Christ’s passion was dedicated to those without power – poor, crippled, children, the church’s position was disciplinarian, elitist and oriented on power-keepers. The more our socio-cultural system invokes religious ideology – the more anti-Christ becomes incarnated into American political process, when conservative financiers and politicians (while being diligently involved in church rituals) attack the interests of workers, poor, elderly, disable and children.

That’s how Soviet Socialism was established in a contrast to Marx’s dreams about society of equality, freedom and decency. Soviet Russians (SRussians) transformed socialist idea into an idol to worship, and while marching under its icon-banner they created an unequal and cruel society, like Christianity created plenty of evil for the sake of standing up for the goodness of human love and compassion (Crusades, endless wars against heretics, torture of “deviants” in order to force them to refuse their ideas and confess), etc. While claiming that they build society for human happiness the leading Soviet Communists organized a typical conservative society based on authoritarian ideas (which must be accepted by everybody under the menace of punishment and ostracism) where all the decisions about the country’s present and future were made by the political elite (privileged minority), like today in US a tiny financial elite makes decisions regardless of the opinions of the population.

That’s how American democracy becomes an empty slogan under the pressure of corporate orientation on profit and power. Who destroyed American democracy are not “terrorists” and are not “socialists”. It’s destroyed by the richest two percent of the population and their pooh-pooh poodles: neo-conservative politicians. Impostors use the democratic system and its MSCIs to gain advantage in social status over other people. Because of impostors’ vulgarly socio-morphic orientation they transcend the very contradiction between morality of goals (moral ideals) and immorality of means to achieve them. For them to be financially and militaristically strong and act from the position of might is a virtue because this strength empowers the system of noble ideals (democracy-freedom). For them to do evil things for the sake of sustaining and enlarging a system with noble ideals is a lawful and exemplary behavior. For them there is a proper and an improper evil. They are pop-dialecticians like Soviet Communists were who also argued that evil is good if it’s done for the sake of good, and good is evil if it weakens itself by being good. This concept of proper evil as goodness is universal and as such is a part of the very nature of the evil.

The fusion between the principle of goodness and principle of evil – trickles down into a moral mess of human feelings and human behavior. When the military attacks on people who did nothing wrong to us become the “defense of democracy”, everything else is possible including the desire to pauperize the American people (including the most vulnerable groups of society) and labeling Americans who are critical of neo-conservative sloganeering as “sympathizing with terrorists”.