Right Wing Politicians and Talk Show Hosts’ Murderous Talk

Murderous talk is successful – people without intellectual sophistication and refinement of the soul happily identify with the megalomaniacal and scapegoating messages: they want to be somebody, and the easiest and quickest way to achieve it is to dominate others and to glorify themselves, their self-image and to project hate onto those who are more educated (especially humanitarianly). It is their only way to feel that they are on top. Murderous talk is not just talk. What belongs to the tongue belongs to the fist and gun. Murderous talk is psychological mobilization for warming up before the committing criminal acts.

Everything started so peacefully when Americans were persuaded that they are a super-exceptional people, so super-exceptional that… no other humans in the world can even pretend to be like them.

No-no, everything rather started when the early American settlers began their modest but stubborn colonization of the new world/continent with its vast and beautiful land and exotic but… excessive population.

No-no-no, everything started when Americans purchased fresh sturdy black bodied slaves from Africa to haul them through the Atlantic Ocean to make billions and more for their white masters on the cotton plantations.

In short, everything started then – in the promised land of the American South and in the North where settlers from Europe were building small or big houses.

The American South brought billions and mountains of self-respect to the slave owners, while American North step by step, not without resistance and blood spilling from both sides, provided the newcomers with a bit of land to work and settle in. Slavery was flowering in the South while spasmodic clashes between the red and the dressed bodies erupted in the North. That’s how the new promised life in American continent – “the New World” began for the newcomers.

Indeed, so many people left their lives in Europe behind and were ready-happy to start life in their America. Of course, they were not just dreamers – they are a breed of conquerors, they smelled possibilities and opportunities, they came to take, possess, build, create, appropriate, they arrived as finders and diggers, as workers and investors. They were the romantics of adventure, not just future makers, but makers of the future, they weren’t just creators of a new reality, but of a new life and new human beings. They were creators of their own civilization and new power of a newly strong people.

The new settlers did not just started to live in the new land – create small farms, work the land, raise animals to support and feed themselves, think about the world and fought Indians and catch running slaves. No, they didn’t create Egyptian or Greek style of slavery – but they needed from Southern Blacks and American Indians the participation of “collaborators” – something like to “team up with “us”, something like for newcomers to share with us their “personal inspiration” in order for them to do something pleasant for the masters. The settlers quickly become “moneyer and moneyer”, “weaponier and weaponier”, “lander and lander”, at the same time they became more and more polite and friendly. (The reason for politeness and friendliness is that for people oriented on extraordinary financial success the anger becomes a burden and obstacle – but for successful achievers there are no emotional reasons for becoming hateful – you learn to just pragmatically eliminate the competitors). Successful fight for money is “indirectly” headed outside and beyond emotions (emotions as such as part of life would be rubbing you from more effective calculation and more profit).

These appropriators of land, humans and human mind are grand entrepreneurs. They use widest biggest territories in enthusiastically wildest way to exchange trees, air and soil for metal and transform water either into poisoned fluid or into money made by financial planners. Historically, there has been endless wars, poverty and hunger and sometimes fatal attempts to make the situations less desperate, and then there was WWI, WWII, and then there came Ronald Reagan, who (again) wildly widely gave free reign to the intentions of the contemptuously superhuman American rich. It simply means that to be superrich/superhuman is to be the real American.

The evolution of the making of the real American not only exteriorly, but internally, not only in money power sense, but as impoverished human beings who have lost their self-dignity but “got from the God of wealth and weapons” feeling more powerful than the traditional God could. The point, of course, is that money is not as a function of economic process helping people to use it as a means of making a living in exchange for their labor and work. The point is that this “exchange of money for work” is what nurtures inequality. Money as a means of exchange for work – in reality supports inequality.

In other words, money as it functions in economy is a trick to pay workers as little as possible. It is to organize paying people the lowest wage possible. Incomes, earnings are calculatedly made so as to be lower as it possibly can be. The reason some people of the same qualification get higher salaries than you is because the person even higher than them makes even more money because their position is made even money-higher regardless of qualification. It is the hierarchical position is money-valuable, not working qualification. This kind of hierarchy in the financial ladder is to guarantee of the stability of the bottom up’s position. Multi billionaires’ top position symbolizes the down-up movement of financial monarchy.