5th letter – to the readers among (church) parishioners, military recruits, sport- and rock-music-fans, fitness-bodybuilding enthusiasts, gun lovers, and massage and dieting addicts.


You believe in God of your church because it is so pleasant to believe that you are helped, protected, immortal and wiser than other believers, atheists and agnostics.


You are passionately patriotic because you need to share your identity (to be simultaneously yourself and a large group) and to unify with the similar people to feel empowered, and also because to hate those who you think are inferior in comparison with you is one of the strongest pleasures given to human beings.


You cannot live without watching sport events/competitions because you immediately feel yourself physically stronger, tougher, more adroit and self-assertive than, in your mind, people with more mental orientation (“sissies”).


You wish to be kidnapped from your daily tasks and chores by the glamour of Hollywood or rock-music superstars and to melt into their charm and to dissolve into (carrying you up) enthusiasm of the applauding crowd of people identical with you.


You enjoy gyms and guns, sugar and caffeine, cheese- and beer-burgers, and/or being massaged or involved in dieting because you are obsessed with your physicality and are not capable to spiritualize and mentalize your interests.


Because you have some or even many of these pleasures you think that you live in the best country in the world. And you feel that you are above and ahead of everybody else on the planet.


The book Ideological Superstitions and Political Misperceptions in 20th-21st Centuries by Victor Enyutin analyses the psychological side of falling into childish satisfactions and infantile consolations which disorient people and distract them from psychological, spiritual and intellectual development.


“Deciders” of the future and definers of the present harvest huge profits on making the American people boyish and girlish in their dreams and interests, on making them impulsive, playful, innocently arrogant, boastful, prone to confuse imagination with reality, logic of life with the one of animation cartoon, life with videogames, and on making them identify life with financial survival and consumption.         


This book will help you to become conscious about your own credulity in relation to political propaganda and commercial advertisement and to make the first steps toward taking your destiny into your own hands. It will explain to you how corporate strategists use your psychological weaknesses and a lack of humanistic education to make you follow their slogans and support their interests.