Brief Comments on Three Stills from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film “Pigsty”, 1969

Taking away the future out of the hands of the private citizens – making “economy” (profits taken from citizens-taxpayers’ money) is a remark which could be simultaneously made by either character (Mr. Herdhitze – Ugo Tognazzi [standing on the right]) or Mr. Klotz (Alberto Lionello [sitting in the wheelchair]). Surprising grimace belongs to the secret agent working for the two buddies-billionaires [Marco Ferreri]. He is on the left reacting on the “smart conversation” of the two leaders of human life.

Statement about the disappearance of humanistic culture in future “civilization” is made by the “senior” billionaire Herdhitze.

Intellectual exchange of both magnates is settled as an exoneration of those people who are responsible for injustices and inequalities (people exactly like Herdhitze and Klotz and “guarding and attack dogs” who “work” for them and gracefully jump up to catch pieces of meat in exchange for their services).