The Conformist Feeling of Gratitude to Our Leaders, Bosses, Traditions and the Benevolent Destiny for Keeping Us Away from Death

As soon as stress of life is going up (and people start to worry about their survival more literally) the population produces two reactions – readiness for self-sacrifice (for the sake of us-protecting idols – religious dogmas, political ideologies, “our” leaders, etc.), and feeling teary/tender greeting gratitude for just physically being alive – inhaling, exhaling, eating, falling asleep, waking up, having pleasant sensations, being attended by friends, having phony fun and funny phones, etc.

This gratitude for being allowed not to die is often felt by people who were ill and were helped by the medical technology and pharmaceutical advancements to survive their illnesses. These people are so traumatized by having been sick, so greedy to consume life and so enjoying their somatic presence in the world that they forget about the quality of life: about the very meaning of human life.

Somatization that is imposed on the people by mass culture (chopped cheap pleasures) and by a pharmacologically staffed medicine grows together with the population’s growing illnesses. This situation creates a growing lag between the necessity of having an intellectually alert, psychologically cool and humanistically (liberally) educated population, and the factual condition of people being stuck in their soma through money worries and fixation on their physical needs and troubles.

People’s orientation on soma contradicts the need of a democratic society for competent and responsible participants. Democracy needs human brains and psychological maturity. Instead it gets sick organs, athletic biceps, anorectic fragility, bulimic intensity, obese flesh and nutritional-dietary-cooking obsessions. Human soma is much better for the economy than is the mind and heart. The body is easier trained as an appendix to a giant economic machine than is the human soul. It’s easier to suggest something to the body – the mind is skeptical and the soul is anarchic. It took at least several decades of post-2WW prosperity to seduce people into becoming adepts of the ideology of somatic happiness (ISH), to twist the American dream into consumption/ possession utopia.

Who are the seducers of the human mind and heart into being somatized – becoming muscles and fat tissues that only produce basic instinctual reactions of fear, hate and rage? First of all, it is the decision-making practitioners of economy, the task of which, according to them, is to make them richer and stronger – people like Melton Fraudman, Duck Chained, Bull Heights, Atlas Groanspin. They are not villains – they are naive-eyed believers in the sacred value of power gained through money (PGTM). Behind them stands an absolutist political ideology that preaches enhancement and worship of money power over life as the ultimate value.