There is a feeling of total, ultimate satisfaction in battle, as if, you are… happy dancing on the very margin of abyss.
Paraphrase from Pushkin’s poem

We cannot see our unconscious. And we cannot understand our particular impulses and reactions. We didn’t invent our own psychological equivalent of bacteria and viruses and a microscope making us see them threatening peace of our life or our own aggressive desires from the bottom of our motivations. Our intentions and actions are not available to our understanding. We are enigmas to ourselves. We learn about our personalities, our habits and what and whom we like or don’t like – step by step. And we learn what to love and what to hate in the outside world from others who are not too good in explaining to us the nature of our own proclivities. What we learned about ourselves we often perceive superficially, without understanding or merely through dogmatic imitation. Gradually we internalizing schemes of our own behavior, and we don’t have an idea why we like to violate the social norms or peace with others. Why do we like to play with arms? Why already in childhood we are prone to fight with one another? Why our quarrels with fathers often destroy home harmony? And why do we have to be obedient at all?

There are good people and there are bad ones – here is the wisdom of Hollywood Westerns claiming that only a trained bullet fight with the bad characters can sustain our lives and save our future. Our proclivity for aggression is spontaneous, but at the same time our proclivity for aggression is polished by professional propagandists who in their term serve the socio-political leadership on the top, those big noses smelling the heaven. Countries are different by the degree of competitiveness among the population. US for example, is one of the most intra-competitive countries in the world. Of course, here the most central precious symbol to compete for is money-profit – universal measure of all things. Competitiveness creates twins of equals – greed and hate or hate and greed or greedy hate or hateful greed. For us Americans, the world starts here with the emotional mixture of these two impulses activated by the injection of competitive itch.

Greed makes an average human being to grab, appropriate and possess. Hate makes him to fight in order to appropriate and to win the battle with others to successfully possess what is appropriated. Competitiveness itself is a political ideology asserting and justifying the freedom for greed and the right to hate. It is, as if, the root of a plant making greed and hate grow to start to flower and finally bare fruits and seeds. The readers of these lines are encouraged to imagine the results of such flowering under the influence of competitive injection. To compete – to fight for, to compete – to be ahead of your competitors. To compete – to win. We all see this inevitable “dialectics” of American life – winning or losing – all around us. The winner looks like a sunflower, for example like Lord Bankfine. But the loser is not completely losing – he is getting pride because of participating in noble magic game of competition! To compete is to fight for success, with passion, with excitement, with mobilization of bravery and guts, to become a breakneck, to lose leg, to get electronic prosthesis, to become a hero, etc. Some people observe competition with a seeming indifference. The majority observe it with admiration and jealousy. Many Americans today including the younger generations are dreamers of becoming masters of competitiveness. Most of them – of conservative orientation, have greed for noble – proud greed, greed as a virtue. And they carry hate as a badge of honor.

The main reason for competitiveness, greed and hate is socio-political ideology, which are perceived by the economic and political leadership as fundamental civilized values (if to put it in euphemistic mini-box, of course – where competitiveness will be civil valor, greed as economic bravery and hate as a patriotic heroism). Successful authoritarian and, it means, totalitarian leadership organizes life and propaganda of competitiveness (with muscles of greed and hate) with such virtuosity, that these virtues become as the basic secular religion of human life, like Communism in Soviet Russia.

Of course, there are also individuals (born with psychopathic or sociopathic potentials) who even without totalitarian leaders on top will form the need for competitive greed/hate, often as a result of pathological atmosphere in the family. These creatures already from childhood can develop a fixation for competitive posture with greed/hate combination. Some of these kids may become “champs” of greed/hate and disagreeable and “competitively” manipulative. They even can have a good chance to become a bill-mill (billionaire/millionaire), to have mansions in various geographical locations, lands and yachts in many seas, golf courses and girls in every spots for spits or pets in the pots, etc.

Bill-mills are formed by a society based on the ideal of competitive greed/hate. And for such society war means war from the bedroom and dining room. Even generals sometimes (rarely) can be killed in military actions, but not bill-mills-the greedy haters, playing with golden coins under the sky.