Until recently we all thought that Coronavirus is killing people, that this danger is targeting human beings, until we heard that the problem is somewhere else, that the real serious issue is not human death, but the ability of this virus to kill… the economy. Wait a minute – how virus can kill something as massive and omnipresent as… economy?

Step by step it has become clear that the virus is indeed, capable of “killing the economy”, but it can happen only through killing some people connected with the economy, more exactly, some people carrying the economy inside themselves… in a form of their own money-profit as a part of the economy. So, virus which is “killing” economy is killing money/profit which rich profit-makers make. That’s what it means to kill the economy – when people lose their jobs because of the necessity to stay at homes “distancing” themselves from one another (not to contaminate each other) the moneymakers lose their profits. That’s what they call “killing the economy”.

To deprive the profit-makers of their profit-making is considered the equivalent of “killing the economy“ because this freaky slogan is dramatizing the situation so much that everybody will feel being in danger – without food and roof over their heads. The death of the economy – the loss of profit by the profit-makers is much more important than the dying human beings.

Private profit is the columns of life, the skyscrapers of the living. If you lose it – you are losing the eternity itself. Economy is a sacred word with a power of opening the gate to the Paradise. But what is behind this word “economy” – the private money-profit – is even more – it is the beating heart of human eternal glory. Economy must live even if human beings will die! According to the private profit-makers – human being should die if needed – for the economy to prosper!