“Four billion years of evolution, two thousand years of historical time, the subduing landscapes of industry. Cells know everything, all the way up to the stars. Either the head has never experienced anything of this sort, or it has forgotten it altogether”

Like a giant industrial tarantula the space observatory on Earth opens its jaw to investigate distant cosmic space. Why to open ourselves to the skies – out of curiosity, greed for future natural resources to feed our earthy industries, while for some people it’s an obsessive love for new impressions while for some it has – playful intentions (cosmic reality for them will be something like electronic-space games, etc.), and still for some others it’s material for new weapon systems. In short, people on the planet Earth need matters to bring back from outer space what we can for our growing prosperity.

Here we see an earthly professional investigating the observatory’s capacity to learn about cosmic materials.

What a mighty powerful investigative technological tool we already have at our disposal here on Earth! Humans are already for years playing with stars. But soon it will be even more interesting and more serious. Don’t you think that our technology is more and more similar with our human bodies! How great it would be to become a telescope or a rocket! To become a ballistic missile! Or become an interplanetary spaceship! No, no, I don’t mean just to go inside one but to be physically, bodily inter-stars ship… myself!

Look again and enjoy! There will be a time when we will technologically be stronger and stronger and savvier! Then other planets will share their precious resources and technology with us!

This is one of the castles the inhabitants of another planets live in! As you see – the architectural style reminds us, if to use earthy analogies – fascist architecture. Look how strong and protective it looks – like a fortress. We certainly have what to learn from our future acquaintances.

This is a creature from some another world. Some people insist that it’s a “woman” from another planet. How do we know? We have our own investigations of the cosmos. Look at her eyes like magnifying lenses. She doesn’t look like us. But she is very cosmic, a certainly extraterrestrial type. We have to prepare ourselves to deal with creatures like this.

Here is another beauty! Some people say that this types are among those who are trying to kidnap human beings. If to look attentively we will feel that such creatures are alien women hunting for us, the irresistible Earthy men! But we are preparing ourselves for this. We have learned a lot from our earthy life!

Here we are! Finally, we see a male creature from another planet – he is very dangerous (see the reddish color around his planet). His planet is red colored – sign of… war. But as you understand we are well ready! We have had to deal with our own reds for decades! We can even send our own reds to their red world!

Alexander Kluge’s “Strongman Ferdinand” (1977) – When Today’s “Rich-Men Ferdinands” Were Occupied With Direct Power/Control Over the Population

“Strongman Ferdinand” (1977) by Alexander Kluge