Global Corporations and Wall Street Money-dealers Are the Unconditional Authorities In the 21st Century US As the Communist Party Was In Soviet Russia

The matter here is who is in charge of the government. In Soviet Russia (SRussia) to be in command meant to give orders and punish those who don’t follow. But in US today the situation is more complicated and at the same time more basic – here to be in charge of the government means to own the politicians: to have the power to provide (or not) the money that are desperately needed for politicians’ survival (for sustaining their ability to keep their job, careers, future). The professional politicians are fed by the donations of the financial elite without which they will not be elected/re-elected because they will not have the money to advertize themselves to the electorate and denigrate their opponents. Wealthy people’s money is a survival kit for the politicians “elected” by simpletons who think that election is the main step in the politicians’ political career while in reality it is a preliminary, almost a tentative step to the grand money-future of the American politicians.

In SRussia the “Commander-in-Chief” of the Soviet government was the Communist Party, but today for many Americans it‘s more and more obvious that their “democratically elected” government is just an obedient clerk of the corporate elite. Still, is it correct to compare the Soviet Communist Party (the cult of utopian political doctrine) with American big business, “pragmatic people occupied with personal profit” amidst real life, even although they may be not the most generous people in the world? How business elite can be considered similar with ideological elite? – By applying the operational criterion of how much power it has over the political decision-making, and secondly, by considering the common psychology of the power-keepers (their tendency to manipulate the reality to keep and enhance their dominant position).

Like the leaders of the Soviet Communist Party lived on taxpayers’ money, American business/financial elite is grazing in the same meadow (by enjoying massive subsidies and finding endless loopholes not to pay taxes). If so, why the poor Russians and poor, near poor and at risk of becoming poor Americans agreed/agree to admire their elites, to make sacrifices for the sake of the masters of their countries, and be ready to sacrifice their lives defending in wars those who rule over them? Is it only the question of the power of the financial and ideological elite encircled by the army, police and secret agents? Or is it also the magic power (seductive influence) of ideology over human imagination – in SRussia the ideology of Communism and in US today the ideology of money/profit as the ultimate value of human life? Like SRussians were dreaming about Communist prosperity and loved Communist idea (of brotherhood, equality and prosperity in the future Communist society), Americans not only enjoy cheap/fake prosperity of mass-culture society but their common dream of becoming wealthy (the American dream of being rich feeds the ideology of money like SRussians were dreaming of collective happiness with militant jingoistic loyalty that, as they believed, will take them there).

As simplemindedly trusting Soviet propaganda Russians believed in Communism like virginal souls, mass Americans today are not less naïve believers in glory/glamour of money-profit. Ultimately, the both ideologies promise unconditional prosperity, well being, and consumer paradise. Even today, after “disappointment” with the extremist behavior of corporatists and financiers who learned how to become even subtler crooks and more sophisticated robbers, Americans are still susceptible to the right wing propaganda claiming that “democratic government’s regulations” are the reason for all bad things. Pop-Americans are full of irrational hope that by magic combination of financial manipulation tricks – ultimate prosperity will eventually come down on them from the sky that will release an unlimited amount of money like manna. People are believers by their human nature (for so many centuries they were trained by their leader-bosses that one day their religious and later political ideological beliefs will reward them with a paradisiacal prosperity). In SRussia credulity in relation to Communist propaganda made dreams of SRussians false and their proclivity to believe wasted. In US identification of the meaning of human life with material achievements, consumerist/possessive pride and professional career has led to a social climate that nurtured Wall Street speculators, corporate greed and absurd militarist adventures.

Only democracy corresponds to the possibility of reaching a rational level of understanding of a humane meaning of material prosperity and moral sensibility. But today American democracy is endangered by the invasion of oilnivorous (eating petroleum to have more controlium over human life, nature and the world) corporate giants-tyrannosauruses and by moneyvorous Wall Street banksters, these equivalents of the ruthless rule of Soviet Communist party.