Structural Trinity of Macro Interests in Democracy: Rich and Powerful, a Large Population and a Democratic Government

Like American global corporations today, Communist Party leadership in U.S.S.R. was the unconditional beneficiary of Soviet politico-economic system – it enjoyed absolute power over decision-making about the present and the future of life in the country. And, of course, again, like the American corporations today, it wanted even more luxury and more power.

Corporations have a problem with an American democratic government (a democratic majority in the Congress and Senate) that seeks to find compromises between corporate interests and the masses of Americans (in the form of allowing people to sniff the crumbs from the corporate dining table). But today’s corporations want their own crumbs too (the crumbs of the rich come from the taxpayers’ money and the sweet sweat of their labor). Starting with BCR (Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld triumvirate) American corporations got what the Soviet Communist Party always had – a presiding position over governmental decisions. But unfortunately for corporations, it is only the American conservative government (a Republican majority and President) that provides for them what the Soviet (administrative) government provided for the Communist Party – absolute domination of their interests over the interests of the population.

As the corporate decision-making has practically paralyzed the American Democratic government (democratic majority in both houses) with its almost automatic filibustering of democratic legislations, the Soviet Communist Party had for decades successfully paralyzed even the gawky attempts of the Soviet administrative government to have a more economically efficient policies – with its deadening dogmatism and the desire to have even more control over the Russian life. The results are similar – the absence of economic progress in Soviet Union and the economic collapse and pauperization of the population in U.S.A.

It is apparent that the government can function democratically only if it is a part of the trinity: the interests of the rich and the powerful, the needs of the population and itself (mediating between the first and the second). If ideology invades the government (like Soviet Communist Party invaded governmental functions) or profit-making orientation swallows the government (like corporate profit-making by any price ideology has swallowed the government and the economy in US) – the three elements are reduced into two and the mediating function between the opposite interests is lost. Then government, under the influence of (Communist) ideology simultaneously loses the economy and the ability to address the needs of the population (the Soviet case). Or (the American case under the neo-conservative government) the corporations swallow the government and then under the influence of the ideology of profit-making as goal in itself government loses economy as a productive activity and the ability to address the needs of the majority of the population that became trashed in their own country. Like in the Soviet Union the government became an ideological agency that subdued economic processes; in US the government of conservative politicians in charge becomes the guardian of profit-making by any price and as a result also starts to subdue the economic processes. Economic investment and economic development in US began to stagnate and came to a halt, jobs returned into the bottle of the “lazes-fair” Genie, and what is left is only money reproducing itself with the speed of bacteria for the rich two percents of the American population.

Like the Soviet Communist party became the government and presided over a bad economy, the American giant corporations have become the conservative government and leaders of a bad (collapsing) economy. The government is good for economy and for the population only when it doesn’t absolutely identify with any of the macro powers (whether it is financial profit, non-economic ideology or popular interests). It is suppose to govern by mediating between various interests.

The disastrous situation in US today is not only a government’s inability to mediate between people and the rich corporate decision-makers, but exactly as it was in the Soviet Union, also its inability to mediate between the populist aggressive totalitarian ideologies and masses of population. Today in US we see the monstrous two “politburo”-momentum when despotic financial interests of the corporate elite and not less despotic, religious and racial fanaticisms equally demand to merge with government to subdue all other interests. Democratic government can still resist these two despotisms, from above and from below. That’s why conservative powers passionately look for victory in the mid-term elections in November, 2010, and in 2012 Presidential election. God save us from their victory because the socio-political results will be very similar to what was happening in the Soviet Union for seventy years when the alliance between populist conservative ideology and elitist conservative economy was unconditionally ruling over Russian life.