Hooligans vs. the Delicates and Sensitives (Guts vs. “Souls”)

When any country is equally polarized on two major groups fighting for their political interests with one another we see a situation of either a democratic political process or of a coming terror or a civil war. But what can happen if two groups with opposite interests cannot meet each other on the political or real battlefield, when on the one side we see the thugs (who are accusing, abusing, insulting, humiliating and crushing their opponents), and on the other – the cowards (who tolerate everything and let thugs to get away with loutishness and the anti-civility and cobra‘s saliva on their teeth and words).

When we have to deal with ideological reapers and political rappers and rapists versus the liberal “martyrs” of conservative mistreatment we, obviously, cannot see any real political fight – one side is privileged to bite, tear and rip off, while the other just licks its wounds and tries to survive till the next congressional or senatorial salary pay time. Democratic speech muffles and suffocates democratic ideas, trembling and shrinking mouths of many democratic politicians silence the democratic discourse, and we only hear the conservative shouting and shooting slogans.

Why is there such a behavioral discrepancy between the two major American political parties, and why aren’t the democratic masses (demos) who are suppose to be intolerant toward intolerance and political brutality are not capable of defending the spirit of democratic political debate? It is because somebody else is involved here besides the two groups of American population with the two opposing political orientations. This third power, this something else is prophecy of profit, the power and charisma of money conquering everything, rich and poor, wealthy and filthy, lasers and losers, Lazaruses and “lazies”. The role of electorate in political process is, in essence, a one-election-day stance. Real political process starts after the elections are over, when the money brought by the lobbyists’ swollen pockets arrives on the scene and engulfs the elected politicians.

Money pays to both, Republicans and Democrats. But it pays Republicans for being thugs, and it pays Democrats for being cowards. The more thuggish a Republican politician is the more money s/he gets. The more cowardly a Democratic politician is the more money s/he gets. Republicans are paid for being thugs, Democrats for being cowardly. Republicans become more louts with each additional dollar, and with each additional dollar Democrats become more self-erasing.

The employer (money interests) decides the qualities of their employees. Money today prefers thugs because in times of global economy, shock therapies and financial meltdowns it is the thugs who multiply money more successfully – they are money makers by any price. Money cannot rely on cowards, money likes the cowards to be even more cowardly so to let thugs to be cheerfully in charge and chargefully in cheer. Money likes thugs to fight but the cowards to prosper in silent cowardice.

Today money is stronger than the electorate. Of course, if people could be capable of outsmarting the money the results would be quite different but they, in their assessment of the political realities and the politicians’ work, become more and more sentimental (they are either admiringly identifying with the conservative political leaders or, instead of analyzing the situation – are “disappointed” and prone to sulk or even to revenge the democratic politicians by switching their loyalties to the conservative ones). Take, for example, the loss of the Ted Kennedy‘s Senate seat – people send a “warning” to the Democrats by electing a Republican! They are giving a “warning” to those who are not able to defend their interests effectively by electing those who will directly attack their interests! They ignore that there is still an objective difference between an awkward or a sloppy friend and a hating enemy! It is not by electing the enemy that you have to express your disapproval of an anemic friend. To “punish” Obama for not “fighting” for their interests people elect the conservatives who’ll destroy them. Whom are they punishing, Obama or themselves?

Money will always outmaneuver and defeat human emotions because money is calculating while emotions just project itself into the world and take pleasure from such projection. Emotions are naive, money is competent. Emotions are Shakespearean Desdemona, money is Iago. Humans are simpleminded, money is sophisticated. Humans feel, money thinks. Poor react on everything by changing their moods; the rich identify with money and become money-like, money-robots – a moneyple. Calculation prevails over communication.

Democracy stays with the people even though they are impulsive, blank-innocent, emotionally acting out, while money-totalitarianism (money-talitarianism) is defeating Democracy and the demos. It is happening right now, in the beginning of 2010.