When infantilization of human psyche (achieved by mass culture making from people consumerists) is taking place simultaneously with the intensification of the development of technical (calculating/manipulating) mind,

We have nominally an adult creature with a heart of a child, soul of an infant and “thinking” of a robot.

Such bizarre organisms’ perception of the world is inevitably superficially banal and innocently vulgar – they need self-assertion: self-realization through fighting, appropriating, consuming and possessing – things, services, images, and opinions, and identification with leaders, the wealthy and super-stars in order to aggrandize their selves.

When robotic efficiency is combined with a childish ignorance about fragility of life, we witness a lethal blend of technical efficiency and inability to care about sustainability of life.

Combination of enhanced technical thinking and a lack of psychological sensitivity (as necessary ingredient of rational adulthood) is lethal – children without adults are in danger. They endanger themselves and everything else, and especially in the very moments they feel ecstatically strong and euphorically invincible.

Psychologically speaking, we are not born yet (our actions in the world are chaotic movements of our limbs). We are embryos armed with technologically advanced tools. And for us it is so easy and natural, just for the sake of momentarily feeling great, to destroy the planetary womb.