Masters and Their Happy Servants and Bodyguards with Super-human Pretensions

It’s not easy to understand how it is possible for the poor and powerless to be unconditionally dedicated to the rich and powerful. How the Americans “disappointed” with Obama for not being the White Knight with a plumage could elect a super-conservative majority to the national and local governments? But having observed how Russians were serving their Communist bosses and how today in US the jingoistic majority are ready to kill-die-torture for the Bushes and Rumsfelds, you cannot help yourself but to be really impressed. Even after officially delivered facts that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 terrorists and after the enormous toll of twin-wars in terms of price and cost (making Americans today be on the verge of poverty), it became evident that the majority can continue to support the conservative sloppy slogans with their trembling hearts.

Genetically these people are not more stupid than anybody else – they have some common sense because they cannot avoid having some life experiences. So, why are they so credulous when their conservative masters open their mouth full of beaks, snakes and barracudas? The problem cannot be that they are just incapable of understanding life – they simply don’t want to understand the truth because not understanding it is for them much more emotionally pleasurable than understanding. They are psychologically rewarded for not understanding. Neo-conservative leaders’ tick-talks save the masses from the insultingly boring meaning, inject mass people with the feeling of how great they are, and provides them with a lot of pleasure from communicating hate towards scapegoats. Just to talk aggressively to the opponents, makes a politicians successful because it makes their supporters happy – gives them the chance to “feel great”. By using simplistic formulas imitating pop-chats with chips in the pubs and coffee shops neo-con politicians will always be the darlings of the mass people who like to identify with power over others. Then people feel that they, as they are: “smart” without education, are in the socio-political game, and they are very grateful to their leaders Micheles Palins and Saras Bachmanns for allowing them to feel strong, proud, hateful and hopeful.

But these feelings are only surface of what the poor and the uneducated can get for their self-sacrificial loyalty to their masters that can provide them not only with the feeling that they can be bigger than they are in a socio-hierarchical sense, but with a deeper and a more unconscious (and even more pleasurable feeling) that they are larger than human beings in general. By supporting the conservative agenda simple people feel that they are much more than those from whom their conservative masters want to take away their decent jobs, salaries, benefits and social and self-respect. For a person who always felt out of the socio-political decision-making to feel as a part of the great national or collective effort, as a part of a historical enterprise is a baptism into super-humanity, into ontological greatness. Just helping to take away something from another people makes you not just feel strong but as a part of a great effort to correct the social evils, a participant in the messianic transformation of human life. Everything else is dwarfed when you are part of an army, of a great nation at war, or a privileged group deciding the destiny of other people.

That’s why soldiers are ready for self-sacrifice. That’s why their parents are ready for self-sacrifice of their children. That’s why adventurist financial manipulators (the authors of financial collapses) are obsessively continuing to risk – their profit-rewards are of too super-human size to be resisted (they’re too great not to make you feel too great). Nobody can resist the super-human offer even when you know that it can bring your death. Jingoistic soldiers and traditional believers look more idealistic than money-vorous (profit-eating) money-makers. But the problem with the last ones is that they are not less idealistic. Their money-realist materialism has a deep idealistic (idol-worshipping) core. It is not “egoism” what is destroying us. It is “altruism” in relation to our (idealized) idols (leaders, images and ideas) for the sake of which we are ready to sacrifice ourselves and other people.

What starts as helping rich and powerful to suppress other people for the reward of getting the feeling of being stronger than others (who are more educated and refined and now can be dismissed as human trash), ends with the feeling of “my” ontological superiority which gives a much deeper pleasure of belonging to “more spiritual” sphere. Most of the people who support their conservative masters’ aggressive posture toward those with democratic sensibility are psychologically religious believers. And they believe that they are entitled to the right to define the fate of another people – “those arrogant democrats, atheists and agnostics, scholars and scientists, professors and teachers, gays and feminists, ‘fuzzy mathematicians and statisticians’, etc.”