The Irresistibly Attractive Young Girl Lost In The World – Appreciated, Abandoned, Found And Lost Again

This is one among the mini-stories in a semantically polyphonic although structurally unified Godard’s film(s)

A slightly spicy joke from the magister of international cinema

The calling, strange, seductive and deceitful paths of this world

Irresistibly attractive young girl lost in the world is almost ready to learn the world’s ways, not without a little help from her healthy curiosity

The attractive young girl (Julie Delpy) becomes more trustful and even inquisitive about human life with an aura or crown of happiness

The young girl is abandoned, but after having gone through an understandable trauma she became more confident

The young girl has become wise, lost excessive sensitivity and got a new boyfriend with a practical mind

The wise young girl is lost in the world again. But whose hand keeps the clarinet in the first two shots above?

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