Weaponry As A Savior And A Grave Digger Of Human Race

Wolfgang Paalen, “The Genius of the Species/Le Genie de L’Espece”, 1938

German-Austrian-Mexican painter, sculptor and philosopher Wolfgang Paalen tells us in his stylized construction “The Genius of the Human Species” that it is not Socrates, Sophocles, Kant, Hegel, Mozart, Garcia Lorca, Beethoven, Einstein or Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr, or Bertrand Russell are the benefactors of humankind but “gun“ – gun-our-protector (although also our killer), gun-our savior (but also our grave-digger in the midst of our confused silence). Of course, Paalen is bitterly ironical by proclaiming gun’s “metaphysical” powers! – The gun of his “Le Genie de L’Espece” is made of human bones.

People of our times like to scream viva to first weapons of humankind – spur and bow with arrows with which human beings started to kill animals hundreds of thousands years ago and by this finally “conquered” the whole planet. Today the trophy hunting by the wealthy (which cost them a lot of money – the pleasure of killing is expensive) becomes more and more widespread.

But with Global warming it seems that we’re slipping into a solemn-and-pompous sunset of our “heroic” obsession with guns and ballistic missiles – you cannot use even high-tech weapons against a collapsing nature. Sure, some groups of people will try to do this (just imagine their fun of hitting a heat) – with the hope that it, somehow, will work – the gene of optimism in human brain seems inexhaustible.

Wolfgang Paalen (1905-1959)

“When dollar only earns 6% of value here in US, then it gets restless and goes over seas to get 100% of profit. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag“.
American Major-General Smedley Butler