Financially Obese Rich, Bodily Shrinking but Statistically Widening Poor, and the Smothered Middle Class

Worshippers, wealthshippers, warshippers…

American middle class is in trouble together with its professions, professionalism and with the idea of respectability of professionalism. What to respect if Indians and Chinese can have the same professional knowledge and expertise that Americans are so proud of? According to corporate employers – the brain function is not so different from the muscle function – it will work even better when the reward is more ascetically healthy.

The middle class specialists are for them the same as non-qualified workers. The middle classers just forgot who they really are because they are disoriented by their special qualifications, and they forgot who pays them salaries. By going to India or China for cheap qualified labor (not to mention the less qualified one) American corporate leaders try to put American middle class workers to their place, try to remind them who is the boss. Of course, they are successful, money is always successful. What is “decency“? – Pure idealism. But money is the real thing – body, survival, eating, and living. Money is entelechy. What can be said against money? Money can magically transform a worker into a middle class specialist. It is capable to transform bodily odor into cleanliness and shininess, tiredness into being rested, self-contempt into self-respect and self-respect back into self-contempt. Money makes you a giant or a Lilliputian.

Middle class today is labeled with dirty words. Middle classers are too educated to be tolerated by the rich employers. The problem is not only that they traditionally expect to be paid for their qualifications. It is their self-respect (and feeling independent that goes with it) what bothers the salary-payers. Who deserves to be respected are the owners of research and production and hirers of the scientists and specialists, because it is from them everything starts, from the job-positions they offer or don’t offer. Professional thinking is secondary – it comes after job offers and job descriptions.

While the middle class professionals should be taught where they belong, the idealistic worshippers (the poor and rural people whose only wealth is mythological or ideological narratives they can believe in) are close to the rich in their worshipping position. Conservative rich gravitate to the conservative poor and politically unite with them against the Middle class “skeptics and cynics”. What rich and poor worship is different: rich worship money profits while poor worship narratives (dogmas). Rich enjoy wealth and power, while poor the right to preach and to convert, and to feel indignant against all who are not enlightened by their truth, and this is also a form of power. Their basic worshipping position makes profit-rich and belief-poor to feel a certain affinity with each other and perceive each other as… relatives. For poor their precious dogmas (authoritarian narratives) – which give them the right to detest those who think differently (like the rich’s contempt for the poor), are as sacred as for the rich their profits are. Dogma and money are equally idols (accumulation and densification of value) – both make the worshippers feel exceptionally worthy. Dogma and money are both symbols of power over other people, are both signifiers of control over the “anarchy” (conservative euphemistic name for freedom) of life. The dogmatist and the profit-maker are brothers in domination over human life. And for this reason they are suspicious towards the existence of middle class specialists who are not looking for power but for knowledge – not for subduing the object (of their concentration) but for collaboration with it, not for breaking the object’s nature but for living with the nature of this object in peace.

The middle class scientists, for example, forget that those who pay them salaries are not interested in the “nature” of the phenomena they are studying, that they just need to subdue and to control this nature to make it work for them (to make them richer). It looks that the very spirit of science in Einstein’s sense comes into a contradiction with the organization of knowledge in a society dominated by the corporate money or conservative American majority’s religious and political ideologies. Like Stalin and Hitler cut sciences with giant scissors of under-financing/non-financing, today’s American corporate owners of science and knowledge are almost in complete control of sciences through the channels of preferred financing. From another direction but from the same vantage point the scientific thinking is under attack by the worshippers of narratives (by the religious and ideological conservatives) who through control over the local schools and junior colleges pressure the educational curriculum into a literal correspondence with their dogmatic beliefs.

The only thing left for the Middle class specialists is to be good boys and girls and study what is offered for studying and pray with hand-kissing gratitude for whatever qualified job can be available. Scientists, scholars and specialists in general become technicians for empowering those who are in charge of science, production, culture and the future (today they are not Soviet Communist elite but the American corporate bosses).