The Role of YMBSPs in Russian Revolution, in the Ascend of Nazism in Germany and in Today’s Assault on Democracy in U.S.

Today in U.S. unemployment among the young people is about twenty five percents. They find themselves more and more among the homeless – you see them sleeping, playing electronic games or reading comic books at the public libraries. But even those who do work for seven or nine dollars per hour are feeling a growing rage toward a life which doesn’t greet their ambitions. “Gggggovernment!” – Tight jawed they pronounce with indignation, “Ffffeddd!” Like early pre-adolescents cannot differentiate between Law and police officer, so the young Americans on the bottom of the social hierarchy project their despair and disappointment onto the most visible targets. Federal government under Obama is a champion of attracting hate of the abandoned by prosperity and success youth. Of course, they don’t understand the difference between a totalitarian government as a despotic monolith and a democratic one where certain degree of disagreement between politicians is considered normal. And they cannot perceive the difference between Bushsfeld (Bush/Rumsfeld) and Obama.

They don’t differentiate between the wire-pooler (corporate financial gluttony and arrogance) and its servants (neo-conservative politicians), or between these neo-con kissers of corporate asses and the democratic attempts (as cowardly as it may be) to mediate between corporate interests and people’s needs. They cannot grasp that while Obama will not stop the wars that were started by Cheneyfeld (Cheney/Rumsfeld) he will not start new wars as Rumsney (Rumsfeld/Cheney) did.

Any political talk with YMBSPs makes their faces contorted from strain as if they are pushing irons. They are thinking as if they are boxing. They spend hours hanging out at the gym – they direct their hate into their muscles (the hardness of their muscles is the hardness of their hate). Through their blind verbal exchanges with each other while pumping iron or drinking beer they give themselves to an emotional solidarity of wanting to revenge the world.

Being humanistically-scientifically uneducated the YMBSPs don’t have the statistically accumulated knowledge of facts and don’t have logical procedures to make proper conclusions – only their empirical impressions make sense to them. Statistical data and intellectual sophistication for them are what for Bushfowitz (Bush/Wolfowitz) was Al Gore’s “fuzzy math”. Their “ideas” are like ripped flags or broken sticks. There is too much emotion in their opinions; they don’t have a semantic space that provides cognition with the necessary distance from affects, from heated passions.

For YMBSPs being without knowledge of sociology, psychology, philosophy, history of arts, etc. means to be against humanistic education (“I don’t need education about life, I have my own eyes to see what’s going on”) – they think that eyes are a mind. Their anti-educational stance is a reflection of neo-conservative suspicious aversion to existential education. Neo-cons don’t like education for the masses because it arms people against being manipulated, so they flatter the YMBSPs that they are “smart enough” and “don’t need to be educated by those patronizing liberal scholars who think they are ahead of the human (pre-scientific but full of) common sense mind”. YMBSPs naturally have taken bate and feel contempt towards “complicated thinking about life” as a bull and dull. They don’t know that on the long range this will not only cost them and their children their well being but in many cases their life as well. If our pleasures are based on our beliefs, our living conditions, life and death depend on knowledge and understanding of truth.

All of this already happened in Russia around 1917. Desperate uneducated masses revolted against the government only to find themselves under the power of a much harsher one – Stalin’s totalitarian government (in American terms a “transition” from Clinton to Bush or, God forbid, from Obama to Stara Perlin (Sara Palin). And all of this also already happened in Germany where the YMBSPs became Nazis looking for scapegoats. They couldn’t see how utopian and absurd their ideas were – they enjoyed their utopia and were punished by the very incompatibility between narcissistic aspirations and the logic of life.

In U.S. in 2010 YMBSPs are made the objects of neo-conservative propaganda because they are the only social group which, according to the calculations of the corporate rich, is capable of blindly rebelling and destroying a democratic government (Obama’s “Fffedd” is trying to provide medical help for all Americans and keep Social Security intact from corporate gluttony). Corporate neo-cons try to inflame YMBSP’s hate by the surplus-financing of hate-talk show hosts like Clown Buck (Glen Beck), Crush Bimbo (Rush Limbaugh) and others who prepare them to become the Trojan horse to torpedo the democrats.

The more desperate and uneducated people are the easiest prey they become for corporate conservative (corp-servative) propaganda.